So I think thats yeah, it makes it really good sense. But until you put your head on the pill as an entrepreneur with a payroll due on Friday, you just like teach. And there was the guy. I didnt cheat. I think they call it a bachelors. You know what I mean? Of course. I think either of us would hate for anybody to turn thio the drugs and alcohol. Its a business plan that meets all of the legal. An expert to expert interview. West Virginia moved up to New England. Look, man, with every beat of my heart right there on the home. That and theres this crazy balance. david seymour (born dawid szymin; november 20, 1911 - november 10, 1956), or chim (pronounced shim, an abbreviation of the surname "szymin"), was a polish photographer and photojournalist known for his images from the spanish civil war, for co-founding magnum photos with henri cartier-bresson, robert capa, george rodger and william vandivert, and I ran in, sort of, ah, acquire circle, mainly because I had this fishing site and everybody was like, Yeah, youre never gonna make money with that Little did they know that, turning all that traffic into. Now, not that I wont believe someone, but this one decision that was made that I fundamentally new was wrong. Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour, the squabbling contractors on A&E 's "Flipping Boston," like many couples, met via the Internet. Only for this fun, However, I wouldnt I wouldnt deter anybody from exploring any education they could get from us and that company. Lets see. I was listening to you. Its true, though from Come on now, its not. I can answer it with clarity because its coming from two places. Sidney B. Silverman, trial lawyer specializing in stockholder actions. Im not interested in the, you know, the one eighties to 300 unit apartment complexes. Youve got people interested. You dont have to be the expert. When I got sober, Guy said to me, He said, I got the gift of desperation on We think desperation is is bad. Its definitely thighs and legs and chest them back and its Its a Its a nice little workout. But, did you know Dave started out as a Firefighter of all things? You just report the other experts successes. She says to me, Go get him, killer She said, She said, Im proud of you and I love you and I support you in whatever you want to do and I looked at her. Just a warm them up. You know what I mean? So Ive got an eight year old and its a 10 year old boy at home and we were sitting on the couch last night. Im like, How can I help you? And best of luck with your venture. And then we did a couple of those together. Dave Seymour A&E "Flipping Boston" Build For Rent Developer Fund Manager at Freedom Venture Investments. So Walter connected with me and he said, What are you doing? Lets get to it. Freedom venture dot com. And Kevin just sitting at one of the apartment complexes by the pool in Florida, banging around ideas and conversation. I think you were on the panel as an investor, and we were doing like a like a shark tank pitch kind of a thing. Theres no you are targeting close at the end of this year and then e I mean, but youre a soon as you hit that threshold day, youre gonna start investing like thats how the fun starts, right? Hey, strategy I dont you hang up on him, he actually calls you back. Lets go. So this was an aggressive push, larger amounts of capital. People go more money. And then I get out away every single freaking time. Teach me. In my career, Ive turned away capital because the person offering it wasnt necessarily a right fit for the project that we had, you know. Yeah, I just want a better rate of return on my money than the stock market. Home; About the Flipping Formula Creators; . And if it isnt, are you going to do something different? So accredited investors $100,000 minimum commitment to the fund that buys them shares or units in the fund, and now they benefit from everything thats inside the fund rather than just one entity inside the fund. please LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE! Yeah, its, You know, its zits. Now, this is an interesting one. You never surrendered. It just is a natural progression that you would raise a fund and take your expertise and knowledge and all of these other great team members that you have put together and and put together a fund and just do it on a larger scale. Actually, if you go to Freedom Venture, theres theres a video there that you scrolled through that just is like a razzle dazzle piece toe Excite people about the Florida market, and then theres, Ah, theres a button that you compress on that front page Brendan that says Mawr information on that button. After 16 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Dave launched his career, rapidly becoming one of the nation's top real estate investors. With that opportunity of the TV show, there were times where I, you know, Id be in a decision making process, like every fiber of my body is screaming go right, And yet the influences and the other members around me are screaming Go left, and Im like, guys, you dont see what I see. And the good news is, is that a lot of those those clowns, those those predators are out of the education space today and lots Theres other companies that just grew too quick and couldnt fulfill, couldnt help their client base. Im up at, like 55 oclock, you know, do my quick morning routine. And to this day, Ill help. I thought I told you. Venture. Shes like my visa ran out. Like, I believe that theres something bigger and better. In my head, Im a firefighter or a heart, right? You never laid down. So its really important to always keep your your platform going so that you have this vehicle because it allows you opportunity. If we hit three million like weve only been in our race face for about 3 to 4 weeks right now, theres kind of interested in watching the difference between raising capital and a fund and raising capital as a syndicator. So for us, instead of going there on everything we went bullish on, what we see is the opportunity that Kobe creates. Theres an opportunity for a free download for for a book that I wrote with my property manager. I didnt steal. A lot of investors are contributing and committing their retirement funds, so you allow him to come in through self direction. I picked up a machine called the Hydro H Y D R O W. And its a kind of like the pellet on but for a rowing machine. Walter, What do you see? But more importantly and, well, I dont wanna be the doom and gloom, but the pain and misery its going to bring in massive upheaval and chaos. I havent released it yet because were not exactly sure where its gonna fit. Copyright 2015 SpinGym, LLC. Try today to take better care of it than I did for the past three or four months. Im being mentor by a company. You know, a lot of these smaller educators just sell him bullshit in a box for 1000 bucks is what I call it. So for May, I started on this journey of education, and I check this one out. Where can we see it? Yeah, definitely, Definitely. Active Investor . Onda. Digs the ditch, zero degrees, fight the fire. Yeah, No. We have no in the fund, but individually weve done in the past. In Flipping Boston, time is the enemy as flippers race to renovate before prices fall even further. So hows that? But heres why Im mad at Russell. And whats interesting is this is that we are already beginning to see the inbound calls coming in. He said, Brandon, what youve described which I described a situation very similar years, Dave, which is I knew, and in fact, I knew it. Were growing. They dont know how. You know me well enough over the years to know that. They will be the losers at the end of the run, and I dont say like your loser. Says this is long pants, not short pants, right? But what that does do, though, is is it limits the amount of non accredited investors into a certain investment fund on thats up for the fund managers Thio determine that. Thats what youre offering me to dio on a commission. And hes asking my opinion. And then and then in that nanosecond, the voice off truth for one of a better term over palette It and that voice had a lot of profanity in it. And I talked about him? The late Sorry, the lady on score box. Hey, whos that? David, he said, Heres the thing. You know? That was probably three years. You could go all the way to the basement basement, one basement, too. So his where were at today were setting it up with those two options and both the correct, the only wrong and so is to do nothing right so dependent on somebodys the and I am processes. Dont call me. Dave Seymour was a firefighter for 16 years and is now a full-time real estate investor who also was on the A&E's hit TV show "Flipping Boston". And Dave joined me to tell me a little bit about his background and how he went from being a firefighter to a real estate guy to a TV star and now his newest venture, What youre gonna love to hear about where he is becoming a venture capitalist in the real estate world. A man of faith, You know what I mean? Yes. Dave Seymour is a famous entrepreneur that became known thanks to real estate series Flipping Boston that focuses on house flipping in Boston area. Ill do the best Ive been known since, like some of the oxygen out of the room. Like if we looked at each other four years ago and said wed be doing a podcast with each other. I was I was in school in London and I and I met a girl in, uh in a local ale house and she was American, and we were dating. But theres this thing that humans do, which they romanticize that that person could gnome or and and its one of these things. And now now you have come up with the idea. Brandon, with a lot of investors. E on Then I was also working construction like I had. We see the opportunity right now because of Cove it and all of the pain and misery that its bought. Whitney North Seymour (1923), president of the ABA; chairman of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett. But I think its an important lesson for people to lessons there is learn from people who are actually doing it. How it could have been presented in a different way. More than the passive investor. So its its prime to do really, really well for our investors. Yeah, right. I dont wanna be the smartest guy. I remember I watched a clip of that particular moment and you stole my body language. Thats f r e e d o m venture dot com, and youll get this. Amazon Prime is has got all of our shows on there right now, which is a trip. But if I reach out and vice versa, theres always a connection man for that. Is this accredited investors? Thats important here. Yeah, thats the landing page on the front page of our website. This is gonna be fine. And what Ive found is that most people actually just dont do it. Subscribe. Youll enjoy this episode , Dont forget to check out our monthlyBuild a Business Success Secrets newsletter. See All Credits. More. Yeah, I look around and I go. Im great. Were still pre Cove in in the sense of we dont see the results of fully of what Cove is going to do afterwards. Opening Up More Opportunities. Come in and talk about your new venture. But the you see these people, and you just youre like, Man, youre in here every day. If I go into the room as a CEO and Im the smartest guy Im scared of, you know what? But the bottom bottom line is when youre in the trenches, when youre doing the work, you actually know what is actually happening versus being a professor. Yeah, thats sort of normal. Seymour has taken the role of chief executive at Danvers firm Freedom Venture Investments, which is about to begin raising its first $100 million fund. Carl Ronald Kahn (born January 14, 1944) is an American physician and scientist, best known for his work with insulin receptors and insulin resistance in diabetes and obesity. It came out really, really well. Im gonna stage in my life where I am ready to tattoo Ah, heart where my heart goes on my chest Because above it is going to go The words with every beat underneath it will say I move forward because for May, its been Its just been a theme in my life, man. But, you know, man, I gotta be grateful for for the for the gifts and then at the same time learned my own lessons. However, because people dont know anything about it, they dont invest in it. Kevin offers just that business acumen, man. So once they connect, yeah, they can access the ppm, which is whats called the private placement memorandum. Teachers arent youre not going to study it and then teach it and be effective, like until you can go to bed at night knowing that youve got a payment on that house that youre flipping, thats doing a balloon payment in 90 days. I think you could self medicate. I like the plot. Because heres the way I look at it today. He goes back again. How is that? So I changed my mind. It was my wife for myself. I can entertain it anymore. Like you would see it. So, you know, I got good mentorship. Im not gonna waste another second. And again, to my point, isnt everybody. Were on score box and theres Joe and Andrew and Becky. I dont wanna go out and look at properties. Well, look, man, youre just implementing what you learn, and then youre getting results. Within his first few years, Dave had transacted. What do you want? But he sent me a funny sent me a vanilla application for a download toe. If youre trying to fix a huge ship and turn the corner, it takes way too long. My brain is wired this way, but when I flip that switch on, I make a decision. It was It was It was an investment for them, you know? We did one season. Hes like, Brandon, you prepared your whole life for this. On that quarters, all is such a such a damaging component. And it was like, No, no, you aint going anywhere. Amount of people out there that are like six and seven and eight figure owners who dont understand the tax advantages of real estate, whereas, you know it rolls off rolls off of my back. That person who pulls, you know, like a Hillary Clinton and looks over their shoulders is what the hell happened and Then theres the other group, which are the proactive rather than the reactive. Ive seen some stuff, brother. Reality-TV Two Boston flippers, Pete and Dave, purchase homes, renovate them, and then re-sell them for a profit. Im like, 19.5 years old. Oh, my God. End of the day, Just watching a little bit of mindless TV on my my oldest one. Yeah. You know, itss. Hes 10 years old and it looks to me and he goes, Dad, what should I get? And they asked me to bring some of that mad British energy to the arena, which Im always up for. Any once the moneys in, were working it for six years. I didnt ask questions. What about this? Shes like, Yeah. Its 134 pages of legal jargon, but at the same time, it really proves somebodys commitment. And when everyone is greedy, you sell. Right? Welcome to another episode of Build a Business Success Secrets. Now youve done the show you doing educational programs with flipping Boston and and your own personal. So, you know, the TV show was was great for that one day Im sitting in the firehouse. Its just thats what I do is my career, and I freaking love it. I remember that moment vividly because, seriously, were on squawk box. Look, probably, Yeah, it was a commission basis. And you say, why not Yeah, And heres what was interesting was was this is that they say being instructor. Thats the truth, That is, that is the truth. You earned the freaking right to sit on a panel anywhere with anybody at any time. You understand it. When is that gonna be? Lets go. We love like the 20 toe 1 41 60 apartment complexes. Were gonna be financially free. Because you had a whole career, right? Stars Peter Souhleris David Seymour Fikret Husidic See production, box office & company info Watch on Freevee S1-3 Watch Free on Freevee God gave me one body. Toe leverage All the experience that you have. I said, Im transitioning. I said, Good, because we gotta put 27 grand on your credit cards. Maybe you didnt know, right? I have a question, Dave. Why are you here? You tell May Ill be honest about it. How do you get the experience? On Look, that isnt easy, because, you know, if youre a good guy or a good girl and you like people, you kind of want to entertain, you know, entertain ideas. The very best of luck to you. Cant be that difficult, right? The show follows the two opinionated flippers as they solve issues they discover while renovating. I gotta go, You know, on now is that its not always hard. I hit it every day. Right now, the CEO is a young gun cool guy. So we look at that as an opportunity to be a great landlord, to be a good business and give great housing to people. Its Its just a knob survey, shin of of implementation. Just come filming. Whats next? Dave Seymour is a famous entrepreneur that became known thanks to real estate seriesFlipping Bostonthat focuses onhouse flippingin Boston area. Yeah, I actually dio I I like the media. Youll love this. But with that, you actually, through all of this experience, really do have a ton of experience in real estate and talk about your current venture it It sounds like you. Be smart, right, The risk of verse, But be prepared to fail forward. And they went No. How do I separate myself from the pack so that I get noticed? Do you think would enjoy this podcast? If you dont flip it, then theres just like I wouldnt wanna learn from anybody who was just studying it. Flow. His unabridged passion for business and real estate put him on the radar of A&E television network as well as multiple news organizations including CBS, ABC, CNBC, FOX News, and CNN. Big picture. Theres no guarantees on anything. But do you think that your ability to jump off that cliff and cross the bridge was because you were at rock bottom? Thio these kinds of investments read through it, understand it? As soon as I stand still, if I parallel if I over think Ive lost so I just make a commitment to always be in forward motion and and that my friend, is maybe what the differentiator. So we went through the investment to create the fund. I just cant there on any more hours in the day. Guy said to me one time You said, Pick the floor that you want to get off of the elevator. See also Other Works | Publicity Listings | Official Sites View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro David Seymour And I always try to push people towards that exercise. About Dave Seymour: After 16 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Dave Seymour launched his career, rapidly becoming one of the nation's top real estate investors. Thats Ah, thats a nice little you know, its a gift. I say to a lot of our investors I bring ah blue collar attitude to a white collar world. Would have to do any person saying I gotta get a British passport. Whats the landscape look like? Youre not Youre not the energetic guy that I know you to be on, but I cant do this, man. Im going to say something on this, this this goal with you that I dont think Ive said before. So Ive learned those lessons. And its obviously outperformed the stock market as well because of the volatility of the stock market. You look back and you gauge what investments have outperformed, what other investments and then their risk analysis. Would you all agree that knowledge is and then they all finish the sentence power on then I Ive always said, Is it is it really? I mean, I was styling, man. Knowledge is powerful because the end of the equation is the implementation of the knowledge. You know, its funny. Get them engaged. It affords me to die on my own sword to be able his, you know, build a business right. So actually, when I get off this call today at two oclock, I got a marketing meeting with my guys on. You know what I mean? You know him from the hit show Flipping Boston, one of the first real estate flipping houses shows on TV. But Russell Bronson sent out a blast emails or a few select people saying that there was a company in New York that was looking to bring back the house flipping genre. Lets be frank, right? Ive shared arenas with Tony Robbins with pitbull with Daymond John through throughout common connections. And then if they if they like what they read, they can just theyll know that one of our team members will reach out to them through a 20 minute on boarding interview, find out what their financial goals are. It allows an investment company like ours to bring in non accredited investors anywhere between they could do 5000 and up. I dont even know what the call this tactic Cussing pro fan protein application. The company that I invested money with and the program that I was supposed to implement was horrible. And I wasnt getting any condition money, you know that. And Look, man, Ive made some decisions in my life. Hope that your business is gonna be better. And I think that thats just a natural thing, Dave, that humans romanticize this idea. Youre overworking yourself. People are now paycheck to paycheck on when the bank puts their hand out. Not that I dont like professors, but studying it is very, very different than being. For that, Im grateful. So the bank is always going to get paid one way or another. "I wanted to learn the basics of real estate ?investing,". Youre on the other side of the country, right? But we we know that we can fulfill this 100 million by the end of the year, get the capital in and get it back out on working. Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour gamble on a strategy to give them an edge in a tough market - they design high end and they flip fast. Describe that your team players look dip shite. Theyve heard all of my personal relationships. And then I moved across the Ohio River because I wanted to up my game a little bit. When everybody else goes rushing out, we go running in. Fail forward. So how did you How did you get across that pond? Hes like, Why? I hope that was clear enough that theres theres a lot of movie props on our side, but on the invest decide its easy. I was hurting my my house was in pre foreclosure. E I thought you told me. An active investor is what Ive been for 12 plus years of my career from single family houses, too small apartment houses, toe, you know, larger apartment houses, toe lending, toe hard money lending private lending notes. If somebody calls and I can help him, Ill help him. Maybe so. I never forget that lady, and I kind of took it to heart. And one thing I do want to say on that panel, I think that people in general, I think we all have those imposter syndrome type feelings. That was like, Hey, Dave, did you do this on on Friday? Probably wont work for me because Im a immigrant to the United States. And in those meetings, there needs to be people smarter than you. I have overeducated, I guess if you call to monsters and $150,000 worth of it, not including my undergraduate and some close masters work in another place nearby my house. Shes like, What are you doing, big boy? Im gonna catch you. I need your help. So each episode if I I remember watching you is a project correct into its correct. These were the guys who could put butts in seats at seminars. The projections were confident that the 100 Milby in the account and out on the street by the end of the year were already fleshing out the the big ideas around Fun too. You want to teach it? I dont know which one, but Im so headed him. Were looking to do another one in the next couple of weeks on that makes noise that makes waves that creates interest. You know, I make another step forward. What are you doing? Im grateful to be around like minded people. You know, Ive run a small construction company. They said, Well, yeah, the monies in the fund. I said in the thing, Im big D Im the, you know, Im the real estate British bulldog of real estate and laughter. Im Im banging around 2 40 to 50. I gotta fail forward. So you so Okay. And if you look at commercial real estate investing in a multifamily arena, its outperformed all other commercial asset classes. And were bringing that methodology to the fund. Just from, uh, I guess he was interested, obviously And what you were doing, And you guys probably know each other over the years. And he was playing again to like I know I know hed take the Betas well, and we structured it so that Kevin came on as an advisory board member on in return for that, we get to do, Ah, a huge amount of coal marketing. Ive got assets under management at that moment in time, and its funny. You know what I mean? It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the company of fund. I kicked the crap out of this, but but But but But I just kept going and going and going, and Im saying Please dont. You earned it, You poor accountability. Im 53. And, you know, there was a lot of there was a lot of that out there, you know, 10, 12 years ago, Thean Internet was not as strong as it is today. And thats what differentiated you. Its big boy time. You a hole e a says Im standing here on. Dave Seymour | Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Dave Seymour My Bio Nationally Recognized Real Estate Expert and Star of A&E's Flipping Boston As both a residential and commercial real estate investor, Dave Seymour has become one of the most recognizable experts in his field. Once youre accredited, the SEC says you could now look at my alternative investments because youre intelligent enough to earn 200. I was online marker since 1996 and we all ran in the same circles. And hes done that for probably the past 15, 20 years of his career on what hes done is hes hes raised approximately in his career, $125 million of private funding. If you could see behind me right now, theres a couple of old Victorian diagrams of the heart, right? Serial entrepreneur, internet pioneer, tech geek with two exits under his belt so far. If if their friendships, Im for always Im gonna wrap it up with this one. Weve got to make sure that youre a fit for us, as we offer you. But the goal is to have that 55 million is the no no going back scenario. I got fantastic advisory board and great great partners, great partners. Quick, I think her name is the girl on Squawk Box. Just get motion, get motion. When I see him, I feel like Im gonna punch him in the face or hug him. The first order came in for 13 houses. Theres always one of these five of these guys or women in the gym that I always Im not going to the gym right now, obviously, because its closed. It was interesting. So its Its like the levers on a gauge one goes up in one go goes down. Started living in Wheeling by God, West Virginia. When I invested in myself, I purchased accountability. Where did Where did everybody go? What am I supposed to be doing? And, you know, its funny, Brennan, I always think about you know, you said it earlier on today, before we started recording planting seeds on. Then theres an opportunity to register for more information. Basically, if everyone is scared, you buy. Lets get the tenant base in on. And then theres other companies that just made decisions that were good for them and not for their clients. Now youre credited. Dave Seymour from A&E's Flipping Boston on His New Real Estate Investing Venture Brandon White 51 subscribers Subscribe 4 Share 69 views 10 months ago HALF MOON BAY Dave Seymour is one. He is famous for Flipping Boston. I said, Its the easy one. So just throw that in there. Real estate investors. I dont You know, Im not always charging money for my for my influence today. I just get madder every book I could. I got this field and thats where it started. Thats where Charlie Manson was locked up. Its too scary. Hey, he looks at me. And they found a little. Seriously? It might look easy on the screen but the real life is full of people who lost a lot while buying for someone elses money. Lastly, Im not interested in the big units. So Absolutely, Absolutely. and let me know what I could do for you. David has a lot of experiences from the real estate market. David Seymour dating history, 2022, 2021, list of David Seymour relationships. Thats all you need to teach. Then they looked at me and they go, man, youre out there, you know, kicking ass and taking names. And with that came a lot of failures, right? You are. And theres maybe 400 people up there and Im doing an hour and a half presentation and they could invest in a, you know, in a home study course with some CDs and stuff. But for that we could work work capital very aggressively and safely at the same time because of our proprietary underwriting and then verticals to fix these assets, put new property managers in their turn them around. I say that youre gonna lose the opportunity thats in front of you will be. Its also a challenging time. Then I would work part time. And that was the day that I almost quit educated and one of the old timers in the education space touch gloves for me. This is really a crux of my question like, Is it that you were that desperate? Now Thats me. Just that business acumen. Sounds simple, right? Im really Steve, really stay on the market and Im like, Oh, I gotta stuff. My wife knew we were in business relationship, and I was like, This is just not this is fundamentally not right. He barely graduated college, made a ton of money, but those lessons were It was because and I used to fish on Fridays with this guy is because I could hear what was actually going on because hes on the phone on the way to the river, the way to the bay with whats happening in doing that. I gotta I gotta touch close with him and just let him know that it was his fault. It was mainly because he didnt have this platform anymore to really do anything. Now, now, now weve got some context. And if I, you know, if I was brutally honest, I allowed influences to I dont want I dont know what the right word to use Brandon, but I allowed influences to lessen or soften the impact I could have had. You know, I was actually, uh, aside and I want to get to your fund that you that you dealt with all this experience and bringing that actually to the to the I dont know what you call a normal person who wants to buy into an opportunity. She said, I work in a government agency. I choose Thio. His story is crazy and goes to show that you can make things happen for yourself and become anything you want.Daves brings you a weeks worth of positive energy and inspiration. But isnt there an opportunity out there to take non accredited investors with some new SEC rules with crowdfunding and things like that? Right? I jumped out of bed and go play every day, so Im active. Ill be very, very, very direct with you. Remember, you are just one business plan away. It goes into some nice details. Its Its heavy, man. No, Brendan, it wasnt them that helped me a counter, brother. Deal. Yeah, if you go. He is the Chief Academic Officer at Joslin Diabetes Center, the Mary K. Iacocca Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a member of the National Academy of Sciences since 1999. I want to go back. And Im like, thank you very much. Okay. And Im screaming and shouting and praying to my guy. And you know, I turn around at what? Some of these conversations have been this. Somebody elses trial and error that has created we call it the buy box. For that, it was my relationships, right? So what did you even where do you find yourself? Hes returned it back to the investors Principal Preservation, plus a 20% plus internal rate of return that hes paid back to those investors for the lifetime of the capital. Thats why I got E. I think I think everybody gets called. I want you to know that the and we all come from and I think you were just in a maybe a different circle. Thats a really cool video that we put together kind of sales piece that talks about the volatility of the stock market and why an alternative investment like this could be good for you. I have all this internal dialogue in nanoseconds and Im like, Theres a matter of fact. Russell Bronson is his name. You lied to me. Yeah, I did 20 $27,000 with education programs. Dont forward was the implementation being the most powerful component? But, you know, we got we got some nice art because there that we that we consistently put out. Like I just began to change my environment. We dont just put piping cop it in and say, Oh, look at this fantastic food, you know, like they do in Las Vegas or some of these other markets. Forget all the stuff in between. Building a business requires core competencies of multiple people. You got this? Im going to teach my ass off these 34 days for you, I said, But let me ask you a question. How are you today in? Ive done everything I was supposed to. Dave Seymour was one of the stars from A&E's hit show Flipping Boston. Where if actually, if you were just so egotistical and you were willing to just be like, No, Im always right, you actually might have done better. But Anyway, lets get back to the story. Its in the basement and its like the peloton right with, like youve got a screen and you can interact with other with other users and growers. Well have you back in a few months. No dunk a dunk money over. But the truth of the matter is, is that its the experience that really counts. Yeah, well, the opening line was name of your company and then fill in the block and I write in there. Ive been blessed to be where I am. Well probably meant yeah, maybe longer, maybe even longer. I was trained, but as Im in that dark place, Im in my truck F 1 50 pick have to 50 back, then pick up truck. Im pivoting out of what Ive been doing with my current investments. And commercial came on the radio and it was teach me foreclosure. Im like, what? Talk about what investments youve made. Because you can exercise. Well, just dont tell the English, but, um, it was, you know, it was It was It was interesting. And I bought every one of the damn books because I want to see it now. X. . It was right as the market was crashing and Im looking for a way out. Done next. Okay. Awesome look, real estate investing is theres really only two ways to do it. Is this specific thing going toe add or detract from our core vision. And it was funny. Is that correct? But all entrepreneurs in Vegas, right? Like I said, our methodology for investing and why we do what we dio 3 to 6 year hold and then as an investor, just just, you know, go through the information on. You know, this is going from being a fire fire to take in some seminar to becoming a teacher, to flipping the houses and making a bunch of money to doing the show. Okay, So I immigrated on a fiancee visa at the age of 20 years old, where we dio finally know how we let you in tow sex, sex, man, it was sex. Yeah, I agree. And today weve got Dave Seymour. Well, you got plenty of time, Dave, like, yeah, I mean, theres theres plenty of time. My my marriage. And look, man, its not. You know, if you want to make more money than you trade more time but times the one commodity, we never get back. Check this out there trying to do one play right now to double their assets on the management in one move. It was a gift for May, right, the gift of desperation, the gift of financial ignorance, the gift of getting hurt over and over and over again and still standing up and trying to do it the same way, expecting a result, failing every single fricking day, a trade in time for money and trying to find joy and freedoms. But Ive walked away from probably 10 or 15 flips that I would have done pre co vid. I never knew that, Dave, actually. Ill tell you, man, its its a funny story and, uh, keep it as brief as I can, But, you know, as we began to get the infrastructure going for marketing, you gotta make noise, man. And she said, Done, You gotta help me do, Ah, quick wholesale deal I said Why? E was very good at that. And remember, you cannot exercise a bad diet. Its beginning toe. Knowledge Day teachers. Maybe maybe first end the first quarter. And then and then one day Im I got I got a TV show being office. That that has made sense to me is a seed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. And I had this this moment of insanity. I was I am super discipline. But once I hit five mil boom, Im ready to go by. But Im going back to Ah, Hunk just just started back on the the exercise routine and getting back to where I need to be. So, yes, rock bottom was a was a component, But heres the other one, and I think this one is actually more powerful. Right? In this episode, you'll learn: The class structure in England and coming into America to move . Dave and his partner Peter Souhleris are buying promising homes, renovate them and try to sell them soon with some decent profit. They have seen more stuff. Like I say to my guys all the time. Im also I kick ass multiple firefighter. Hey, Dave. Go f yourself, LLC, thats the name of my company, right? This is a short bio of the two Flipping Formula Creators, Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour. Accredited. This is the next 20 years of my life. Its people like you who have been generous with your time, who have helped us hit the charts until the next episode. You know, we we did all of those episodes and and it it just brought a lot of traction with it. She said, I cant I cant buy anything else Im like, What do you mean? We do a little rent increase, do a little bit of construction, flipping Boston on steroids, right? AboutPressCopyrightContact. Little fluff and bath. If anybodys familiar with Russell, and he wouldnt even know that he did this for May. Okay, good. Theyre small. Im stand there and say your Ah, gazillionaire when youre not, tell your story and tell the truth. 2 talking about this. There's never a dull moment when Peter's attention to detail gets in the way of Dave's need for speed. I was in a relationship with my now wife, Mary Beth, and Im looking for opportunities, man. I dont advertise it because I want people to read, write, you know, do a little work. But he told a story, which, which is true because I remembered about the celebrity apprentice in Arsenio Hall in the long and short of it is Arsenio couldnt raise money. And I mean that sincerely. Weve got Dave Seymour here in the house from flip. And Im kind of like pounding on the steering wheel. Maybe well give it during that episode a little bit more insight into how you guys go through that secret sauce, if you will. When you do really sit at freedom venture dot com. Now, thank you. In this brief clip from last week's episode, Dave Seymour, star of A&E hit show Flipping Boston and CEO of Freedom Venture Investments, shares what it was like to be a reality TV star and multifamily real estate rockstar. Last, I could go on like I love this stuff. But, did you know Dave started out as a Firefighter of all things? Come for Boston. So the way the fund works real quickly. Theres no commitment at this face. I said, Look, man, this is what were doing. Grandma right and the theme throughout my my hi profane tirade on the application was Dont call me right. Hi Dave I come from Australia and love your show. Well, a lot of people say Im too scared to be a landlord. Check this one out, part time retail security in a grocery chain nights and weekends trying not to get stabbed by shoplifters and wearing the uniforms. Leave us a review. You gotta get Its not pretty on these old bones. Oh my God, Look at that. You dont wanna waste them. Yeah. Thats thats, you know, wrapping that up. Every time I do that, I screw it up. And then how There how theyre looking at. He says youre either a lunatic or a genius. This covert thing has had no effect. And yet I find I find my my people right around my people and my people at that time in my life, where were real estate educations and trainers online business got eyes and girls. John W. Simpson (1873), one of the founders of New York law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett. This you do this? And you need to be able to have an ego that allow. If we raised $100 million we do it under the securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations, which is a red defiling a 506 c. So if we do that, what we can do is not by just one of them, we could buy them all. I looked at her and I said, Baby, I cant keep doing what Ive been doing. Its like an entrepreneur like you could study being an entrepreneur, you could want to be an entrepreneur. Somebody offered me a TV show, you know, I dont know, Like, look, I I had think about it, right. Nobody wants to talk about flipping houses. I mean, he said to me, If youre okay with that, then stay being an educator and a platform speaker, and I wrap my head around it and and committed to it. Then, uh, you know, its full body. And you take this course, you follow the directions, you get a little bit of success and they offer you to be an instructor. I was one great above the guy with the cap on Guy E. There doesnt happen often. Just implemented. Im like, What do you mean, teach it? And then, Yeah, Ill just say, like, if anybodys listening to their new to that sort of investment, I mean, the 100 page, thank ppm. I said, Ive got I got an associates degree in fire science because whats whats an associates degree? We went down to tamper a couple of weeks back and actually shot like a 20 minute Its an infomercial man, but its Its four. For many years, my income was from both training and educating as well as my own real estate businesses. So I guess theres a double edged sword. And he has purchased large apartment complexes throughout the Gulf Coast region of Florida. Real estate, education and training is based more around hope than anything else, he said. So I got myself recognized by filling out my application with the most horrendous profanity I could think of. I sort of built this home gym that thats worked out great. I thought I was doing the right thing. David Seymour news, gossip, photos of David Seymour, biography, David Seymour girlfriend list 2022. The online funnel. Time out. Youve got yourself a visa because you married into it all legal, of course, but interesting way to do it. Within his first few. Hope. I you know, were just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and, you know, trying toe try to pivot, man, play the game in a new landscape in a new world. You go in and then you bought this educational program. I said, Yeah, Ive seen his apartments and know it I know him personally. JF2348: A&E's Flipping Boston With Dave Seymour. We went through the investment of building at our marketing strategies, and we are in that fund raised position right now. When when my house was in pre foreclosure and it all went on my wifes credit cards and I straight up, she looked at me on that Sunday morning and she said to me, What do you think? You know, just I couldnt participate in it. You had so much energy running around the room and doing all this stuff. How did the couple on Flipping Boston meet? I grew up with a single mom, and I always say, like Im overeducated with all these degrees because if you come from a single parent, it doesnt have a lot of money. 'Flipping Boston' stars: 'Army of good' turned out to help Marathon bombing victims When two bombs exploded during last year's Boston Marathon, David Seymour and Peter Souhleris, the stars. Do you want to teach some of this? And when I start talking about our preferred rate to return and targeted capital targeted returns on quarterly distributions and lifetime, its like it. You said it was gonna be okay. On the end, Im like they just asked me a question. I dont know what to do other than try something different, and I believe that this is the path and she looked at me and its funny. Its a fools game, so yeah, I was rock bottom, but I had I had exhausted all options for May. Were running around and doing all this stuff, but you have a great, truly a great story of how you went from being a firefighter. I went out to dinner that night at a party, but its its kind of interesting. I just straight up did it. You must be intelligent enough to understand real estate, which blows me away, absolutely blows me away. 2029 episodes or 29 houses. Host of Build a Business Success Secrets Podcast teaching entrepreneurs. Its, uh, but its the short intervals, like 2025 5, 15 minute intervals that you do each day on. He gets into how he started, being a firefighter, and his multifamily syndication venture. Like in all these people are out there, right Now that you know, they kill their grandmother toe, get a reality TV show because apparently gets your job in a big white house somewhere later on down the line? So that offers diversification and safety that you wouldnt get in any other kind of real estate transactions. And its not. Yeah, its going to detract next. He said. But understand, that book is really written for the active investor. I said, Im in the fact that we live in America and you could file bankruptcy and she started crying and she said I work for the Postal Service, not Postal service. 8 to 12 targeted rich turns on quarterly distributions and then 20 plus targeted returns for the life of the fund, which is six years. You know, you got the hang out with other TV people and it amazed me how some of them believed their own press. I think you know, it comes down to humility, but then at the same time having a rock rock solid vision for where the company is going to go. I believed in what I was learning. And the next day Im on on the today show and Im a You know, Im a pundit on CNBC and Im sitting next to the vice president of the Federal Reserve. A mentor whos in the real estate business built to real estate companies, took one public Warren Buffett bodies on the boardwalk. But you and I, weve gotten off track. And do I just offer this? Im presenting up on Wall Street at a nice steak house out there. They have one billion with a B dollars under under management assets under management. Hes taking all his real estate experience and bringing it to the commercial real estate world with a new venture capital fund. Well, this just I mean, honestly, Dave, I wish you the very best of luck, but this just makes sense for your career, like this is how it works. You know, I I joked a little while back there about ego coming into the party. I kind of, um Im gonna do a quick infomercial. We figured that would be the end of it on. Were gonna have some fun, brother. Yeah, correct, Correct. It really is reciprocity in a two way street. And it zannex, citing time. Dave gained a lot of recognition over the years. And you know, bad ever to set me up with short version. My dentist said he thinks Im absolutely crazy. Im from the other side of the world. One is desperation. And thats where 99.9% of the people fail. I know youre working out because I can see you, but youre making no progress, like, just just to tune the diet. Tracked their own coolly and anyway, so Im I was hurting. Not that school and professors are important, but the people in the trenches you put there head on the pillow at night knowing what what it means. Look backs, right. If you like a little Bob Marley, what that does is it. Awesome. Dave and his partner Peter Souhleris are buying promising homes, renovate them and try to sell them soon with some decent profit. Right. If you enjoyed this episode, please hit. But the application of this rule can still be tricky. People have to qualify to see it on. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. As of 2022, Seymour's net worth is cca. It put me in a position where I can touch gloves with guys like you. The smartest people under the sun on this, this bulldog firefighter from Lynn, Massachusetts, went in There are more than quadrupled what they were financially doing in their lives because off the fact of the implementation was the scariest part. I mean, thats thats thats it. We were maybe three weeks into the covert crisis, and I reconnected with a very good friend of mine who is a whats called a syndicator. Dave Seymour was one of the stars from A&Es hit show Flipping Boston. May He treated me well, and he gave me opportunity. Ive said it in the past. And Im 100 Im working 120 hours a week for somebody else. And he said, Because of my track record in the marketplace, Im going to get inbound calls from sellers lower in our marketing costs and marketing is gonna be all about outbound calls for capital to come into the farm. Id love to be on it. After 16 years as a firefighter and paramedic, Dave Seymour launched his career, rapidly becoming one of the nation's top real estate investors. It was dark days for me, and Im so over over 30 years now, so I couldnt self medicate. But to be on this podcast with you today, theres been a lot of bridge under the water. 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