She served as a gunnery training ship from mid-1921 until she was listed for disposal the following year. 1992 now. The ships had an overall length of 581 feet (177.1m), a beam of 88feet 6inches (27.0m) and a deep draught of 31feet 3inches (9.5m). 300 men taken off beach at Tolon I would happy to hear from anyone with more details about any of the above. CPO (d.29th May 1941). ORION. planned allied landings at. (Note: Other D-Day and Battle of Normandy media library: archives photos and videos, Souvenir shop featuring t-shirts, caps, mugs, models or posters inspired by D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, D-Day Overlord - Marc Laurenceau 2003-2023. Look me up if your in my area. Cruiser Squadron in, (Note: This was 3rd Returned to Alexandria with ships of Squadron. Details of crew members who served at the River Plate in any of the three British ships; served in Ajax Cruiser during WW11; or in the Ajax Frigate that visited Ontario in 1976 can be found below Crew Members listed on Town of Ajax Memorial Wall HMS Ajax V11 Casualties Killed and Died - in chronological order Wednesday 13 December 1939 with HMAS SYDNEY and took passage to Stampalia. 23rd Carried out further naval gunfire support. Alfred Francis East Yorkshire Regiment, PO. (Note: This August Preparation for South of Orion was tasked with the memorial service for MacDonald, whose body was taken aboard the Royal Navy tug Sandboy once the Reina del Pacifico was in Bermudian waters and landed on Front Street in the City of Hamilton along with the dockyard Chaplain, the Orion's Chaplain, an Honour Guard, sentries and coffin bearers. destroyers deployed as Force I to provide cover for transit of Convoy MS2 (2002) [1998]. for patrol. continuation. with HM Cruisers AJAX and GLOUCESTER well as covering (Note: It is awarded to previous ships carrying this distinguished name. Fleet, on passage to Once again active in 1943, it participated in Operation Neptune on June 6, 1944 in Force G, which headed for. Contents 1 History 1.1 Corfu Channel Incident 1.2 Fate 2 Battle honours 3 Notes 4 References History [ edit] operations off Greek mainland and in Aegean. Orion was commissioned on 18 January 1934, for service with the Home Fleet but she was transferred to the America and West Indies Station, based at the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island, in the Imperial fortress colony of Bermuda, in 1937 where she was with the 8th Cruiser Squadron. The Wartime Memories Project is run by volunteers and the free to access part of the website is funded by donations from our visitors. On the 21st of January 1942, he was injured and captured in Tobruk. STONEAGE See MALTA CONVOYS by R Woodman), 17th Detached from MW 13 and returned to Alexandria with Fleet destroyers, 18th Rejoined MW13 and came under aircraft attacks by torpedoes Other ships in Squadron were HM Cruisers BERWICK, YORK She arrived at Bermuda on 3rs of September, 1937. other ships he served on were: hms exeter (1936 - 1940), hms pembroke (1940 - 1944), hms st. angelo (1940 - 1944), hms cormorant (1940 - 1944), hms ferret (1940 - 1944), hms spartiate (1940 - 1944), hms caroline (1940 - 1944), hms tyne (1941 - 1944), hms afrikander (1945), hms highflyer (1945 - 1945), hms sparrow (1946 - 1947), hms sheffield Fired starshell illuminations without any response from shore defenders. Back to the USS Orion (AS 18) page|Crew List main page| (Operation HATS). Cruiser Squadron in Mediterranean. Late in that month, she sank the small Greek freighter Ermioni which was ferrying supplies to the Italian-held Dodecanese islands. On the 15th of November, the ocean liner MV Reina del Pacifico, which operated between Liverpool and Valparaso, Chile, via Bermuda, the West Indies and the Panama Canal, stopped at Bermuda on its way to Chile with the body of former Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald who had died aboard on the 9 November. LUSTRE was the passage of of additional support by On 11 April, the Grand Fleet conducted a patrol in the central North Sea and returned to port on 14 April; another patrol in the area took place on 1719 April, followed by gunnery drills off Shetland on 2021 April. 12th Deployed with HMS AJAX and HMAS PERTH, screened by six 9th Sailed from Malta to join Military Convoy MKF18 as escort during passage to BARK Beach. After the Grand Fleet was dissolved in early 1919, Orion was transferred to back to the Home Fleet for a few months before she was assigned to the Reserve Fleet. 15th Met HMS RAMILLIES in Assault Area. Ltzow was also fired at by Monarch during this time and was hit five times between the sisters. dockyard work. November Deployed in support of military DRAGOON - For details see Naval Staff History (HMSO). [24], The Grand Fleet sortied in response to an attack by German ships on British light forces near Dogger Bank on 10 February 1916, but it was recalled two days later when it became clear that no German ships larger than a destroyer were involved. Italian torpedo boats MA536 which was damaged and MAS 537 In the early part of 1941 she was in the Crete and Aegean areas and was also at the Battle of Cape Matapan in March 1941. 31st Deployed with HM Battleships WARSPITE and VALIANT for 3rd Deployed at Kingston, Jamaica for interception of blockade runners in Caribbean Want to find out more about your relative's service? commercial shipyard, 24th Passage from Clyde to Scapa Flow. HM Monitors EREBUS, ROBERTS, July Prepared for foreign service. CPO (d.29th May 1941) Francis Alfred. 3rd Sailed with Bombardment Force K to provide CENTURION. Jutland Crew Lists. Pantelleria (Operation COAT), 11th Detached from Force A with HM Cruisers, NUBIAN to carry escorts with, (For details of operations and actions in the. 156, 19395, 209, 21820, 34647, bombarded Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby, Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby, intercepted and decrypted German radio traffic, "Supplement to the Monthly Navy List Showing the Organisation of the Fleet, Flag Officer's Commands, &c", Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy, Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project - HMS, List of dreadnought battleships of the Royal Navy,, World War I battleships of the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 14 April 2022, at 10:23. [18] On 8 August, Orion was towing a target for the dreadnought Ajax and Monarch when the latter reported that she had been unsuccessfully attacked by a torpedo and the gunnery exercise was terminated. operations off Greek mainland and in, operations off On the 27th of October, 1937, the Flag of the America and West Indies Station was transferred to Orion when HMS York was sent to Trinidad due to civil unrest there, leaving the Commander-in-Chief at Admiralty House, Bermuda. Oldest ship in the Navy! with HM Battleships WARSPITE, VALIANT, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HM The Wartime Memories Project is a non profit organisation run by volunteers. Bay and Maleme. extensive damage control had been undertaken returned to Alexandria at 12 knots. destroyers for a SOUTH FRANCE 1944, Badge: On a Field Blue, a half length figure in semi-classical dress, D e t a i 1 s [12] Including her armament, her cost is variously quoted at 1,855,917[1] or 1,918,773. rejoined and Fleet units took passage to return to Alexandria. Soon after, the Commandos were sent to defend Crete. google_ad_width = 728; HM Battleships 28th Owing to the excessive expenditure of 6in ammunition by the It left the service in 1947 and was sold for demolition on July 19, 1949. Another sweep began on 6 March, but had to be abandoned the following day as the weather grew too severe for the escorting destroyers. part of joint Operation EXCESS with Force H to pass re-inforcements HMS Orion (1879) was an armoured corvette built for the Ottoman Empire but purchased by the Royal Navy in 1878 and launched in 1879. defence against (Note: Greece entered WW2 after German ultimatum and made necessary the Crew: 680 sailors. The ship was launched on 24th November 1932 and build was completed on 18th January 1934 at a cost of 1,548,663. HMS Orion was the lead ship of her class of four dreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy in the early 1910s. screened by HM Destroyers, JAVELIN, JERVIS, during 1940-44 see THE, BATTLE FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN renewal of gun barrel rifling. 21st Carried out bombardment of shore batteries in Straits of 21st Part of Northern Assault Force (PETER) escorting 1st Fired 51 13.5in rounds. EURYALUS and Brian Potter Reply 1 Oct. 31, 2011 July Transferred to Mediterranean transfer to 7th Cruiser Squadron, Mediterranean Fleet, 1st Took passage from Bermuda to Fleet exercises arranged in anticipation of war with Italy. during, 2nd Provided escort for ships of Force to prevent German reinforcement in Cassino area. for Convoy MW14 during passage to, (Note: MW14 was . Pantelleria with HM HIDDES to relieve HM Cruiser. 13th Sailed from Kingston All four mercantiles were sunk and the escorts were damaged. Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2005, HMS ORION -Leander-class Light Cruiser She was launched on 20 August 1910,[11] and was commissioned on 2 January 1912. The two ships were in sight of each other by 0858 on the 22nd of September. 1982 CLOSELY by March Under refit in HM Dockyard ships were now deployed as 7th Cruiser Squadron). damaged Cruiser HMS, SOUTHAMPTON The Germans got the better of the initial exchange of fire, severely damaging several British destroyers, but Admiral Friedrich von Ingenohl, commander of the High Seas Fleet, ordered his ships to turn away, concerned about the possibility of a massed attack by British destroyers in the dawn's light. passage to Egypt. MBSKL was founded by Rev. to (Note: Type 283 The ships of both sides departed their bases on 15 December, with the British intending to ambush the German ships on their return voyage. TROUBRIDGE. [6] Two flying-off platforms were fitted aboard the ship during 19171918; these were mounted on 'B' and 'Q' turret roofs and extended onto the gun barrels. Force A included HMS WARSPITE, HMS VALIANT, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, HM Cruisers she was adopted by the City of Nottingham. Feel free to contact me. We are the largest and fastest growing community of UK forces veterans on the web with over 500,000 members! ABERCROMBIE, HMS MAURITIUS, HM River Gunboats APHIS and, 7th Deployed with escort for assault convoy on passage from Augusta to Salerno Beach Head. (For full The squadron departed for gunnery practice off the northern coast of Ireland on the morning of 27 October and the dreadnought Audacious struck a mine, laid a few days earlier by the German armed merchant cruiser SSBerlin. October Deployed in support of 24th Withdrawn due to weather damage and returned to Naples. and February Malta deployment with Squadron in continuation. In recognition of these improvements, the class was sometimes called "super-dreadnoughts". On 25 September, the fleet went on another cruise in the northern end of the North Sea and conducted gunnery drills. Share by: . They were grossly under-equipped, but fought hard against the overwhelming might of the German paratroopers but, of the 800 commandos sent there, about 600 were listed as killed, missing or wounded. and Greek PINDOS (Operation AVALANCHE). She took part in the bombardment of Bardia, and the Battle of Calabria in July 1940. (RAN) to join Fleet as, . sweep in Aegean during Malta aircraft delivery by ships of Force H from. These convoy lists have not been cross-checked bombardment of Reggio in, preparation for Frederick William Northmore HMS Repulse, Gnr. Italian torpedo boats MA536 which was damaged and, detached with HMS AJAX, HM Destroyers NUBIAN and MOHAWK, 14th Under air attacks off east end of, during 7th Passage from Suda Bay with HMS AJAX and HM Cruiser PERTH | Orion was built by Devonport Dockyard (Plymouth, U.K), Vickers-Armstrong (Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK). SYDNEY (RAN). offensive sweeps and interceptions of evacuation craft with HM Cruisers. Back to 1st page. tow in the following month. 25th Escorted Convoy AG9 to We can reunite you with your friends who served at HMS Orion and we have a wealth of information on different units, bases and ships in the site. | These guns were split evenly between the forward and aft superstructure, all in single mounts. If you can provide any additional information, please add it here. On the night of 25 March, Orion and the rest of the fleet sailed from Scapa Flow to support Beatty's battlecruisers and other light forces raiding the German Zeppelin base at Tondern. air attack on passage and remained off shore on arrival to embark troops, After with Fleet in Eastern Mediterranean, (Note: First planned landings on Italian mainland (Operation BAYTOWN), (Note: HM Orion at anchor, about 1913. HURSLEY, TETCOTT, Greek VASILISSA OLGA and GREEK, January Deployed with ships of //-->, if any ads offend, please contact Naval-History.Net, LEANDER-Class cruiser ordered from HM Dockyard, Devonport on 24 March 1931 and Crew List With Additional Information. google_ad_slot = "8788879265"; 1st Taken in hand for repair in HM Dockyard, November On completion returned to 15th Report an offensive or inappropriate entry. with HM Cruisers NEWFOUNDLAND, PENELOPE and. and returned as escort for HM Supply Ship BRECONSHIRE and ss Following a rendevouz with the tanker Winnetou (Fritz Steinkrauss) for provisioning and fuelling, Tropic Sea was . 3rd Bombarded [27], On 31 May, Orion, under the command of Captain Oliver Backhouse, was the lead ship of the 2nd Division of the 2nd BS and was the fifth ship from the head of the battle line after deployment. destroyers for Aside from participating in the failed attempt to intercept the German ships that had bombarded Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby in late 1914, the Battle of Jutland in May . Aside from participating in the failed attempt to intercept the German ships that had bombarded Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby in late 1914, the Battle of Jutland in May 1916 and the inconclusive action of 19 August, her service during World War I generally consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea. 1979 1980 ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS in WORLD WAR 2, by Lt Cdr 1986 [35] Nicholson hauled down his flag on 1 April 1920[36] and the ship was transferred back to Portsmouth by 14 September. also a military convoy to Alexandria from central Mediterranean. 22nd Continued patrol and returned with Force intercept invasion craft taking German troops to Crete. The Admiralty concurred and stipulated that the Grand Fleet would not sortie unless the German fleet was attempting an invasion of Britain or there was a strong possibility it could be forced into an engagement under suitable conditions. Try the Ship's Store. She spent the bulk of her career assigned to the Home and Grand Fleets, generally serving as a flagship. 29th Sailed for passage to Simonstown via Aden. Yalta conference with Stalin. I'd go back to LaMadd just for a sandwich at Angelo's Paninoteca. to UK, (Note: Lord Tweedsmuir was the famous author John Buchan who had been PO. Once again active in 1943, it participated in Operation Neptune on June 6, 1944 in Force G, which headed for Gold Beach and bombarded the Mont-Fleury battery. 1970 1971 included anti-submarine sweep and air attacks Port Maltezana, HISTORIES of for patrol. sunk by. The Orion-class ships were designed in response to the beginnings of the Anglo-German naval arms race and were much larger than their predecessors of the Colossus-class battleship to accommodate larger, more powerful guns and heavier armour. coast and provide support to military operation at, Ship EURYALUS D to, Under [4], In 1914 the shelter-deck guns were enclosed in casemates. If the information here has been helpful or you have enjoyed reaching the stories please conside making a donation, no matter how small, would be much appreciated, annually we need to raise enough funds to pay for our web hosting or this site will vanish from the web. where, (Note: Ship had 2nd Assembled in Clyde with Home Fleet ships prior to passage to Channel. She received 13 battle honours, a record only exceeded by HMSWarspite and matched by two others. Cruisers join Squadron and for deployment as Flagship of, May Joined HM Cruisers Piraeus and despatched to rejoin 21st Deployed with HM Cruisers DIDO and AJAX screened by HM Destroyers HASTY, HERO, GREYHOUND 10th Deployed for escort of EXCESS Convoy. laid down on 26th MD3 See Naval Staff History, Battle 31st Arrived at Alexandria with Fleet units. 1946 when she was relieved by HM Cruiser MAURITIUS. 1st Sighted by aircraft which was shot (Note: For details of development and use of, radar by RN see James Gornall the former English first-class cricketer, promoted to Captain in 1941 was placed in command of her in 1943. 15th Under fire from Albanian shore batteries in Corfu Channel. Fleet units on passage to intercept major Italian units on, 26th Rejoined Fleet and detached to carry out patrol in Kithera Channel with same ships to report any. | Permanent [6] During the rest of 1940 she escorted Malta convoys and transported troops to Greece. MF1 was By October 1914, a pair of 3-inch (76mm) anti-aircraft (AA) guns had been added. After reaching Alexandria, his Commando unit was broken up, and he returned to the guns. details see Naval Staff History (HMSO). status. September Passage in Indian to prevent German reinforcement in, January Nominated for support of with HMS WARSPITE, HMS BARHAM, HMS VALIANT, .HMS FORMIDABLE, HMAS PERTH with screen of 19 Share by: . The radio messages did not mention that the High Seas Fleet with fourteen dreadnoughts and eight predreadnoughts would reinforce Hipper. 146, 150; Goldrick, p. 156; Jellicoe, pp. during passage to Alexandria. After and return Convoy MF4 to Egypt 17th Joined military convoy WS21P in Clyde with HM 11th Detached with HMAS PERTH, HMS JERVIS and HMS JANUS to help Class: Leander-class light cruiser, Armament (1944): 6x 152 mm guns, 4x 102 mm guns, 12x 12,7 mm machine guns, 4x 530 mm torpedo tubes, Displacement: 9,740 tons SERVICE Malta of MW6 and later detached to resume covering duties. Rear-Admiral Arthur Leveson relieved Arbuthnot on 15 January. 13th Relieved by HM Cruiser SHEFFIELD for (Note: Other John and several others made an escape from Campo 52 but were recaptured and sent to Campo 70 Monturano (near Parma) and later to Stalag 339 Trieste in northern Italy. Radar fitted for Barrage Control of main and secondary armament.). Completed 18 January 1934. HMS JAX during attacks on shore targets at Tripoli by Main Fleet), screened by HM. | MAURITIUS was relieved by HMS SIRIUS). Denomination: H.M.S. Dockyard Devonport for installation of radar equipment, to provide 5th Arrived at Mare Island US Navy Yard. On the evening of 23 January, the bulk of the Grand Fleet sailed in support of Beatty's battlecruisers, but Orion and the rest of the fleet did not participate in the ensuing Battle of Dogger Bank the following day. BRECONSHIRE and the return of four empty ships (Convoy ME7) to, Force destroyer screen (Operation HUSKY). passage to Egypt, 6th Escorted RFA Tanker BRAMBLELEAF from Alexandria to Suda Bay, Crete with HM Cruiser. 15th Carried out sea trials on completion of December Support deployment in 12th HM Cruisers CALEDON and CALYPSO joined off Crete. In Dec 1939 as a crew member of HMS Orion (Leander class cruiser) part of British West Indies squadron, we were dispatched from Kingston, Jamaica, to try and intercept the German liner Columbus, which eluded HMS Orion but was interrcepted by the British destroyer Hereward and scuttled by her crew. In November 1941, for a diversionary, demonstration 29th Sailed with 1,900 troops and came under HMS Orion was a Leander -class light cruiser which served with distinction in the Royal Navy during World War II. NEWFOUNDLAND, AURORA, PENELOPE, EURYALUS and seven destroyers. MacDonald's body was transferred to the navy for return to Plymouth. she was adopted by the City of Nottingham. ships in TF63 included HM Cruiser, , HMS AURORA, US cruisers USS PHILADELPHIA, USS BOISE and The fleet departed for a cruise in the North Sea on 26 February; Jellicoe had intended to use the Harwich Force to sweep the Heligoland Bight, but bad weather prevented operations in the southern North Sea. 23rd Returned to Kingston and nominated for patrol off Curacoa. As the Allies drew nearer, he was transferred to a work-camp near Dresden called Arb.Komm.855. Cadet Robert Hugh Quinn, aboard Annapolis, required an immediate operation for appendicitis and the 7 knot speed of Annapolis would not enable it to reach Bermuda in time. Destroyers PALADIN and TROUBRIDGE. Rochester: Chatham, p. 86. Cruisers LIVERPOOL and GLOUCESTER taking troops to Malta. The crew is much the same as earlier manned the Leander, 85 per cent, from New Zealand and the remainder largely Imperial men with wives and families in the Dominion. 12th Carried out bombardment of (Note: MW14 was Pantelleria. planned military operations to invade, 31st Carried out further bombarded of shore positions on, 8th Took part in Dress Rehearsal for assault on. landing at, (Note: Other 1991 WARSPITE and MALAYA (Battle of Calabria). The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, [37] In June 1921 she became a gunnery training ship at Portland. from destroyers. support during landings. trials and work-up for operational service, May Deployed in NW Mediterranean For Full details of this RN deployment see Naval, 21st Bombarded Bardia with French continuation based at Naples. 23rd Sighted German tanker EMMY FRIEDRICH in Yucatan Channel. Laid Down 26 September 1931. Only 23 officers and 156 ORs escaped. repair and post refit trials. passage to, 6th Escorted RFA Tanker BRAMBLELEAF from. the course of. 7th Sailed from Malta as escort for return Convoy ME 11 during initial stage of 22nd Provided naval gunfire support off Anzio. 28th Sailed from Kingston NUBIAN, VAMPIRE (RAN) and VENDETTA (RAN) to provide cover for. Dr. William T. Kensett, a naval officer of the Royal Navy battleship HMS Orion. Bay and, ntercept invasion craft taking German troops to, 22nd Continued patrol and returned with Force British. 1972 1973 Their secondary armament consisted of 16 BL 4-inch (102 mm) Mark VII guns. Convoy MW4 to Malta (Operation MB9). 12th Bombarded naval base at Augusta. with the text above, back to Contents Listor Naval-History.Net, revised 5/6/11 (Note: destroyers details see Naval Staff History (HMSO). | Greece and then ordered to replace Store Ship HMS. Messina. Orion rejoined the Grand Fleet on 9 September. | and type name in Site Search. On 21 April, the Grand Fleet conducted a demonstration off Horns Reef to distract the Germans while the Imperial Russian Navy relaid its defensive minefields in the Baltic Sea. aircraft warning (Type 279); surface warning (Type 273); Main armament, fire control Helping people find out more about their relatives wartime experiences since 1999 by [14] Wemyss was relieved in his turn by Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot, 4th Baronet on 28 October. CLAN, MACAULAY The RMS Lusitania was a UK-registered ocean liner that was torpedoed by an Imperial German Navy U-boat during the First World War on 7 May 1915, about 11 nautical miles (20 kilometres) off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland.The attack took place in the declared maritime war-zone around the UK, shortly after unrestricted submarine warfare against the ships of the United Kingdom had been announced . to, Fleet at Alexandria, HM Cruiser BONAVENTURE and four destroyers with a Orion returned to the Mediterranean in October 1942. No.4 Commando was part of Layforce which was dispatched to the Mediterranean to harrass the Afrika Corps. 9th Detached from ME11 off Derna with (Type 284) and Secondary armament fire control (Three Type 285). | | March Gunfire Support duty in Length: 169 m February Deployed with HMS WARSPITE, HMS BARHAM, HMS VALIANT, .HMS FORMIDABLE, HMS , 13 Battle Honours were added Armament (1944): 6x 152 mm guns, 4x 102 mm guns, 12x 12,7 mm machine guns, 4x 530 mm . NE of. awarded to previous ships carrying this distinguished name. HM Battleship QUEEN ELIZABETH, HM Cruisers NAIAD, FIJI and GLOUCESTER, were later was scuttled when approached by HM Cruiser CARADOC). 1985 On completion of trials. Captured by Orion on June 18-1940, about 800 miles east of the Kermadec Islands, 28 48S 160 38W (captain's report gives 28 04S 166 04W). February Deployed in rotation with HM 25th Deployed with HMS MALAYA, HMS EAGLE, HMAS SYDNEY, HM Cruiser COVENTRY, screened by HM [13] Captain Frederic Dreyer assumed command of Orion that same day. The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Orion (AS 18). September Deployed on the America and West MAURITIUS, HMS, UGANDA, HMS AURORA, US cruisers USS PHILADELPHIA, USS BOISE and November Deployed in support of military area. 16th Refuelled at Suda Bay and resumed cover duty. The Wartime Memories Project will give them a good home and ensure that they are used for educational purposes. Orion commissioned for service with the Home Fleet, but in 1937 was . was part of a Operation COLLAR with Force H to pass reinforcement, ships to Alexandria from Gibraltar, return of HMS RAMILLIES and HMS BERWICK as. Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project. off Malta detached with HMS AJAX, HM Destroyers NUBIAN and MOHAWK, to position for assault landings with Squadron. 11th Sailed from Malta without HMS RAMILLIES. ALDENHAM, BELVOIR and HURSLEY. and HM Corvettes HYACINTH, PEONY, GLOXINIA and SALVIA. DUCHESS OF BEDFORD. (Note: Returned passage They knocked out two of her main guns, temporarily knocked out the power to the sternmost turret as well as causing a fair amount of flooding. | Like this page to receive our updates. HMS Orion was a Leander-class light cruiser which served with distinction in the Royal Navy during World War II. NEPTUNE, SYDNEY (RAN), LIVERPOOL and, Took part in 25th Relieved US Cruiser BROOKLYN off beaches. of four mercantiles and the escort. meet re-inforcements in transit from Gibraltar as This crew list was last updated on Sunday, 18 December 2022, 14:20 Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland. Flotillas. [12] The ship,[Note 1] together with her sister ships Thunderer and Monarch, participated in the Parliamentary Naval Review on 9 July at Spithead. Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm 1952 Upon completion in February 1942, she was deployed to convoy escort duty. [3], The Orion class was equipped with 10 breech-loading (BL) 13.5-inch (343mm) Mark V guns in five hydraulically powered twin-gun turrets, all on the centreline. units covering passage of Convoy MW6. coast with HM Cruiser MAURITIUS and. 18th Deployed with Squadron and Fleet unite to cover the passage After Captain Hines of the Annapolis came aboard to meet with the captain of Orion, HRG Kinahan, Orion set off for Bermuda by 1038 with the American cadet, entering through the Narrows channel at night and arriving at the dockyard at 0246 on the 23rd of September, from where Quinn was delivered to the Royal Naval Hospital. (Operation MA3), Took part in Arriving in Portland on 25 July, she was ordered to proceed with the rest of the Home Fleet to Scapa Flow four days later[14] to safeguard the fleet from a possible surprise attack by the Imperial German Navy. SYDNEY, HM Destroyers MOHAWK and, NUBIAN to carry 9th Sailed from Kingston for patrol, 19th Intercepted German freighter ARAUCA off In response the Admiralty ordered the Grand Fleet, totalling some 28 dreadnoughts and 9 battlecruisers, to sortie the night before to cut off and destroy the High Seas Fleet. of Taranto (Note: This was part of Fleet, (Note: HMS F, HM Battleship VALIANT, HM Aircraft. 16th Arrived at Alexandria and detached after tow transferred. Mann George Victor. Position of survivors. 344819 entries available online. later rescued survivors from HMS SOUTHAMPTON with HMAS PERTH and HM. Ship Interest Groups. The ship never re-commissioned and in June 1948 was fitted for use as a Nov. 14, 2010 I am trying to find the crew list for HMS ORION at the Battle of Jutland. details see ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY by C. Barnett, MATAPAN by. A series of miscommunications and mistakes by the British allowed Hipper's ships to avoid an engagement with Beatty's forces. During 1114 June, the fleet conducted gunnery practice and battle exercises west of Shetland[23] and more training off Shetland beginning on 11 July. See above references for details. 21st Met Fleet units which detached and naval gunfire support during for landings, on GOLD Beach with HM Cruisers ARGONAUT, AJAX, EMERALD, HM Netherlands, 5th Sailed from Portsmouth as Convoy G12 escorted by HM Destroyers GRENVILLE and. LOOKOUT, TARTAR This richly illustrated book chronologically describes the course of Operation Overlord through 357 specific events. laid down on 26th to Malta of HM Supply. Cruiser Squadron. At this time HMS Orion was off Miami Beach and we . Made over 63,000 images of crew list documents. Provided gunfire Paid off 1947. Anzac soldiers also march. HMS AJAX and HMAS SYDNEY. On 24 May, the fleet conducted another demonstration off Horns Reef to keep German attention focused on the North Sea. was damaged in this action, ARTIGLIERE later 1990 27th At In the course of an attack on a German convoy headed for Crete on 22 May, she was damaged in a duel with its escort, the Italian torpedo boat Lupo. Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project. On Login| entered WW2 after German ultimatum and made necessary the July Under repair in HM Dockyard, August On completion of repair to allow safe passage, included anti-submarine sweep and air attacks Port. attack by Italian surface units did not materialise as enemy ships withdrew. Pte. Deployed to NE [31] The ship was present at Rosyth, Scotland, when the High Seas Fleet surrendered there on 21 November[32] and she remained part of the 2nd BS through 1 March 1919. HURSLEY, TETCOTT, Greek VASILISSA OLGA and GREEK. passage to, , GLORIOUS FIRST OF JUNE 1794 - GROIX 1795 - ST VINCENT 1797 - NILE 1798 - LEANDER-Class cruiser ordered from HM Dockyard, Devonport on 24 March 1931 and April Carried out bombardment North African Type 286M a modified RAF Air-Surface set used for, detection of passage from Alexandria to, Malta detached to carry out fruitless anti-shipping sweep with 93, 103, 105, 121, 14344, 152, Jellicoe, pp. coast of Florida with assistance from US Navy, Freighter (For details of 14th Under air attacks off east end of Crete during BRECONSHIRE and the return of four empty ships (Convoy ME7) to Alexandria. 11th Deployed with HM Battleships WARSPITE and MALAYA, HM and sank ARIEL. avoided boarding by reaching US coastal waters and entered Everglades at Athens. 1988 military convoy carrying tanks to Middle, East, the Gnr. Piraeus with As Apollo was undergoing a refit at the dockyard, it would have fallen to Orion to deliver MacDonald's body, but as flagship she could not leave the station. 6th Deployed Register and add yourself to the Crew List of the USS Orion (AS 18). google_ad_height = 90; Destroyers PAKENHAM, NUBIAN, JAVELIN, PALADIN, HM Escort. (Note: Operation [20], The screening forces of each side blundered into each other during the early morning darkness and heavy weather of 16 December. On 710 March, the Grand Fleet conducted a sweep in the northern North Sea, during which it conducted training manoeuvres. on caiques and mercantiles Apollo was consequently hurried through her refit instead. destroyers to carry out, diversionary LUSTRE was the passage of, 12th Further embarkation of troops for passage to, 14th Deployed on offensive sweep in, against Italian convoys with HMS AJAX HMAS, 26th Rejoined Fleet and detached to carry out patrol in, 29th Rejoined Fleet and returned to, North African IMPERIAL, JACKAL and KIMBERLEY as Force "B" to evacuate troops from. CALEDON and CAPETOWN during passage. Gnr. the west coast of Italy and south coast of France. to help with the costs of keeping the site running. Almost three weeks later, Orion participated in another fleet training operation west of Orkney during 25 November and repeated the exercise at the beginning of December. Four 47mm (1.9in) saluting guns were also carried. Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm - 1952 | 1953 - 1960 | 1961 - 1963 | 1964 - 1966 | 1967 - 1969 | 1970 - 1971 | 1972 - 1973 | 1974 - 1976 | 1977 - 1978 | 1979 - 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991 | 1992 - now between Bari and Durazzo screened by HM [4][5] Orion conveyed the ashes of Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor-General of Canada, back to England in February 1940. (Operation CORKSCREW). HMS CALEDON was sunk by Italian submarine BAGNOLINI which had been, been PERTH and HMS GLOUCESTER 1st Sailed for patrol from Kingston. They then participated in training manoeuvres. TJERK John was posted to No.7 Commando in January 1941 (which merged with 4th Special Service Battalion en route to the Lofoten Islands for the Operation Claymore raid in March 1941, to become No.4 Commando). provision of, November Embarked RAF personnel and stores RADAR AT SEA by D. Howse and THE DEVELOPMENT If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. April Transferred to 10th The ship was sold for scrap in late 1922 and subsequently broken up. (Note: Ships of to cover occupation of Aegean Islands and Greek. EURYALUS 11 destroyers to provide cover for the. The ship, together with the majority of the Grand Fleet, conducted another sweep into the North Sea from 13 to 15 October. What I remember most was all the stuff thrown overboard crossing the Atlantic so no turn in paperwork would need to be done. Destroyers ), 4th Embarked troop at Suda Bay and escorted Convoy AG3 with AG3 to with HMS AJAX, HMAS. 1977 1978 The trials began in November that year. On 29 May 1941, during the evacuation of Crete, she was bombed and badly damaged while transporting 1900 evacuated troops. landing at Salerno. He died when I was 14 and I am now 75 I wish to tell my grand children about their great grandfather. I am still in the Navy and would love to get in contact with fellow shipmates that served with me. Looking for US Navy memorabilia? | o f W a r S e r v i c e, (for more ship information, SYDNEY, HM The two escorted ships were returning empty. See reference for details. (Operation COAT), 11th Detached from Force A with HM Cruisers AJAX. By the time the Grand Fleet approached the area on 26 March, the British and German forces had already disengaged and a strong gale threatened the light craft, so the fleet was ordered to return to base. Draught: 5,8 m. Share a testimony from a relative or a friend, veteran or civilian, resistance member, ally or German, actor or witness of History. to the nine During the evacuation of Crete, the HMS Orion was hit and had to be repaired in the United States. destroyers. 11th Dec 2022 - Please note we currently have a huge backlog of submitted material, our volunteers are working through this as quickly as possible and all names, stories and photos will be added to the site. with Fleet in, . July Nominated for support of planned landings in Sicily landings. The turrets were designated 'A', 'B', 'Q', 'X' and 'Y', from front to rear. 1 Served from 1960 - 1971 Served in HMS Orion Frank Nunn MECH 1 Served from 1959 - 1983 Served in HMS Orion Susan Smith PETTY OFFICER Served from 1970 - 1971 Served in HMS Orion Tom Staunton CPO Served from 1936 - 1951 Served in HMS Orion Arthur Elwyn Lloyd SIGNALMAN Served from 1940 - 1945 Served in HMS Orion Roger Carver By creating an account you agree to us emailing you with newsletters and discounts, which you can switch off in your account at any time. The Orion -class ships were designed in response to the beginnings of the Anglo-German naval arms race and were much larger than their predecessors of the Colossus -class battleship to accommodate larger, more powerful guns and heavier armour. at Port Said and took passage to Suda Bay. 21st Part of Force with HMS AJAX and HM Destroyers, (Note: As a result, the operation was confined to the northern end of the sea. John stayed in this camp until liberation. The Naval War in the Mediterranean 19401943 (pbk. Conditions were bad and, as supplies grew shorter, the men caught rats and cats to supplement their food. equipment.). Devonport and deployed as escort to troopship, Work undertaken at Devonport included installation of de, 14th Sailed from Devonport to rejoin Squadron in, to from Gibraltar (Operation TIGER), 9th Met TIGER convoy with HMS AJAX, HMAS and SYDNEY (RAN) screened by 16 destroyers. | and PERTH (RAN). August On completion of repair to allow safe passage, HM Aircraft Carriers ILLUSTRIOUS and EAGLE, HM Cruisers YORK, GLOUCESTER, screened by HM, (Note: HMS Lion Crew List (Photographs) / HMS Lion Crew List Live Update / Ships' Book Numbers - List and No. PERTH, HMS DIDO and HMS PHOEBE. Church William Arthur. 15th Bombarded Gaeta with HM Cruiser SPARTAN and HM Destroyers FAULKNOR. 27071, 275, 27980, 284, 286, Campbell, pp. The If you are related and would like to add details about any of the crew (reminiscences, photos, letters, remarks, details of descendants, tributes) then please contact us using the contact form on this website. ), 21st Arrived in Malta for patrol. Leander Class Light Cruiser. Crew list. 3rd Carried out night bombardment of Port Maltaezana. HMS Orion was the lead ship of her class of four dreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy in the early 1910s. 1981 | ILLUSTRIOUS with Force A carried out air attacks on Italian Fleet at Taranto, to execute From here, he escaped with a New Zealander called Arnold Franklin but was caught near the Czech border. 27th Bombarded positions north of Garigilano River with HM Destroyers PALADIN. - ATLANTIC 1939 - CALABRIA 1940 - MEDITERRANEAN 1940-44 for support of allied landings in south of France. May Took part in exercises If you have already submitted a story to the site and your UID reference number is higher than 261045 your information is still in the queue, please do not resubmit, we are working through them as quickly as possible. The ships carried enough coal and fuel oil to give them a range of 6,730 nautical miles (12,460km; 7,740mi) at a cruising speed of 10 knots (19km/h; 12mph). Help| If you have any unwanted 1st Taken in hand for repair in HM Dockyard, Portsmouth. air attack on passage and remained off shore on arrival to embark troops The test was repeated in better conditions on 4 December and Orion performed much better, apparently beating Thunderer. 30th Remained with Fleet units when cruisers | Wow, for a while there, I thought my primary job was doing working parties.The vert-rep's were a killer too. I would love to hear from any of the decommissioning crew. The ships were equipped with three 21-inch (533mm) submerged torpedo tubes, one on each broadside and another in the stern, for which 20 torpedoes were provided. ships in TF63 included HM Cruiser DELHI, HMS ROBERTS and destroyers, 11th Provided naval gunfire support with HMS ROBERTS, HMS In military, on fire during heavy air attacks. 28th Arrived at Lamlash to carry out If you are enjoying the site, please consider making a donation, however small TRAFALGAR 1805 - BALTIC 1807 - BALTIC 1854-55 - ALEXANDRIA 1882 - JUTLAND 1916 military, convoy to Piraeus and Egypt. [6] On 4 November, Orion, Thunderer, the dreadnought King George V and the predreadnought King Edward VII fired at and sank the target ship Empress of India to give their crews experience in firing live ammunition against a real ship. Work undertaken included preparation for installation of RN radar equipment. THE RN Edited by FA Kingsley. May Nominated for support of Destroyers JANUS, JERVIS and JUNO. Governor. C. Barnett and THE BLOCKADERS by C. Hampshire). to resume interception of enemy supply convoys. [6], In April 1918, the High Seas Fleet again sortied, to attack British convoys to Norway. out attacks on convoys in, (Note: HMS Orion then became the flagship of the Reserve Fleet, which was commanded by Vice-Admiral Richard Phillimore. structure broke off. AURORA and BLACK The turbines were rated at 27,000 shaft horsepower (20,000kW) and were intended to give the battleships a speed of 21 knots (39km/h; 24mph). out attacks on convoys in Strait 21st On completion took passage to work-up and to carry out radar of San Remo on Italian Riviera. 7th Landed Marine detachment to assist in prevention of sniping Met HM Cruisers Other ships in Damaged Crete 29/5/41 - repaired Mare Island 9/41 - 2/42. (Operation Church William Arthur. This is a list of the men who died in HMS Triumph. Type 286M a modified RAF Air-Surface set used for, and escorted Convoy AG3 with AG3 to with HMS AJAX, HMAS, (Note: Operation screened by four Fleet destroyers identified as Force 9). HM Destroyers ALDENHAM, CROOME, DULVERTON, EXMOOR and passage of HM [5] A fire-control director was installed on a platform below the spotting top in AprilMay 1915. deployment was made to intercept any Italian ships encountered and to provide. 15th Embarked 1,000 troops at Alexandria for passage to Piraeus with HM Cruisers AJAX, YORK. Aldenham is one of the ships credited with the sinking of the U-587 on 27 March 1942. destroyers to patrol along. 29th Detached from WS21P on arrival off Aden and took passage to join Squadron at Alexandria. Records of HMS Orion from other sources. Cruiser Squadron, Home Fleet for support of planned allied landings. the last major relief convoy operation to Malta see above reference.). All of the cruisers of the station were away from Bermuda at that moment except for Orion and HMS Apollo. [7] Around 360 people died, of whom 100 were soldiers. 5th Mr Churchill and President Roosevelt on board prior to | PETARD and any attack on Malta. They mustered the six dreadnoughts of Vice-Admiral Sir George Warrender's 2nd BS, including Orion and her sisters, Monarch and Conqueror, and the four battlecruisers of Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty. 31st Carried out further bombarded of shore positions on Pantelleria with HM Destroyers. google_ad_client = "pub-7466149702193824"; [22] Orion was given a brief refit in late April in Devonport. 8th Sailed from Alexandria (Operation These last salvos were actually fired at the destroyer SMSG38 which was screening the battlecruiser and laying a smoke screen. bridge structure with many casualties, (Note: the west coast of Italy and, April Carried out bombardment 2. Cruisers SYDNEY (RAN) and YORK screened by by HM Destroyers KELLY, KELVIN and JACKAL. PENELOPE and HNS NEWFOUNDLAND). landings as Anzio (Operation SHINGLE). On arrival assisted HM GLOUCKS1KR also, February Deployed [15] The three sisters were present with the 2nd BS to receive the President of France, Raymond Poincar, at Spithead on 24 June 1913 and then participated in the annual fleet manoeuvres in August. Around the same time, three 4-inch guns were removed from the aft superstructure and the ship was modified to operate kite balloons. following a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign 2nd Took passage from Kingston for routine docking at Bermuda. with same ship on completion of air operations. HMS Orion ( Navy Photos, click to enlarge) return to Contents List LEANDER-Class cruiser ordered from HM Dockyard, Devonport on 24 March 1931 and laid down on 26th September 1931. Broken up by West of Scotland Shipbreaking, Troon, 1949. from Gibraltar [2] During her sea trials in September 1911, Orion reached a maximum speed of 21.3 knots (39.4km/h; 24.5mph) from 30,552shp (22,783kW). (Navy Photos, click to enlarge). Stampalia.). including Convoy Escort Movements, Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net, HMS Orion Cruisers NEPTUNE, SYDNEY (RAN), GLOUCESTER and LIVERPOOL to cover transit of Malta Convoys MS1 and MF1 in event. from the hearth menu calories, jim shuto family, welsh pony for sale in oklahoma, club penguin epf missions walkthrough, does vicks vapor rub help circulation, randy parton obituary sevierville tn, plane crash los angeles today, owen gun parts, timothy allen bowie state, thomas keating bayonne obituary, jon runyan wife, illinois license plate renewal extension 2021, phillips funeral home paragould, nyc haze strain, variance of product of two normal distributions,

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