This top-quality barrel is manufactured for a range of applications, from hunting to to target practice. This is why weve compiled this review of the top .223 rifles we think will suit your needs. On this note, they are using button rifled barrels, a well-established technique that is particularly popular with Savage and others. Thanks. Drone Pro reborn - Black ENV 10x test and review. Caldwell Shooting Supplies AR-15 Sitting. AR-15. If the size is right for you, then youll be able to move effortlessly and enjoy your time with your new toy. And the ease of use gets increased with the X-mark pro trigger, as they call it, as it allows the shooter to control its pull. You dont see many four-lug bolts for that reason and the ones that are in use feel a bit sluggish to be honest, usually mated to heavier precision rifles. The .223 Rem is capable of blistering muzzle velocities over 3,200 feet per second depending on the types of bullet used. Its visible on the trigger itself. Its not too long or short in length and is made from the best high-quality parts. The barrel is relatively shorter in comparison to other rifles of this type. The rifling translates into very good shooting accuracy and the construction methods making for a long-lasting barrel thats corrosion-resistant too. Howa. There are minute differences in the throat (the space in the bore where the chamber . It is a bit costly, starting at $1,500. This is an impressive debut for Daniel Defense, which is a newcomer to the high-end bolt-action rifle scene. Savage Mark II GY .22 LR Bolt Action Youth Rifle - Best Beginners .22 LR Rifle. Let's see what it offers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Weight: 2.9 lbs. All this means is that it can be accessed quickly by both right and left-handed shooters, but its a nice little touch. Why is this? Bringing the gun to the range is an easy and simple decision. This enables the rifle to deal with a wide range of bullet types, giving you some flexibility with your shooting. This smart bolt- action rifle sports 20in barrels with a stainless-steel finish. It comes with a black anodized finish and houses the 5.56 NATO rounds or the Remington .223 rounds. If you choose to block cookies some parts of this website may not operate. But overall this rifle is the best .223 rifles for the money. 3,743.99. 2. It is dutifully accurate, easy to adjust, and is made from quality construction materials. Built to hammer out .223 rounds, youll be buying a rifle from a reputable maker and one with loads of great features. Whatever you decide to purchase, these rifles offer accuracy that any enthusiast would be proud of. It has been drilled and tapped so that you will have the ability to mount sights if needed. Further action differences are in the flat-bottomed Howa using an integral lug to transfer recoil to the stock where the 100 shows an aluminium insert bonded into the polymer stock that mates with a groove under the cylindrical receivers underside with a bolt locking through it. Advertisement. ROCK RIVER ARMS X-SERIES X-1 LAR-15. Tough as old boots and as reliable as they come, for those looking for a functionable, proven work horse you cannot go wrong with a Savage, and we now have the 110 models in an attractive package. This rifle test is something a little different a review broken into two comparing and contrasting some of the design highlights and features that can be considered when looking at any competing rifles, hopefully giving some food for thought when listing your own requirements. Although this doesnt affect the 16-inch barrel length. 1. Full Member. Brand: Savage. The grip area matches with your hand comfortably and as being slim it will accommodate smaller hands as well. There are some characteristics and aspects that you need to factor in so you can choose a .223 for your own use. He served in the military for over 15 years. With a customized trigger made to suit your exact preferences, youre much more likely to complete accurate shots, time and time again. Bolt travel was actually 7mm longer on the Sauer but the shaft was incapable of juddering or jamming but a few of those were coaxed from the Howa when aggravated. It comes bundled with a Minox ZX5 3-15x56 scope, HEXALOCK QD mounts and a reflex moderator. My example weighs in at a solid 6.5 pounds and measures 40" overall, with a 20" barrel and a 13 3/4" length of pull. This is made even worse with ridiculous length bolt-handles that are tacticool. Add to Cart. Nick grew up in San Diego, California, but now lives in Arizona with his wife Julie and their five boys. And it competes with the best in each category. Sauers standard 100 XT stock with ErgoMax ergonomics (shared with others in their range) has a slight down slope to the slender combs nose, the Hogue a thicker, parallel comb. Your weapon should have just as much personality as you do. It's one of the more affordable ones on the market. 1. Handling the rifle is easy. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-940 Riflescope (Our Top Pick) Bushnell 3-9X40 AR Optics Riflescope (Best Budget) Trijicon ACOG 3.535 BAC Riflescope (Best High End) Primary Arms SLx 4-14x44mm FFP Riflescope. Top 8 Best .223 Rifles On The Market 2023 Reviews, 1 Ruger AR-556 16.1 5.56x45mm Nato Black 30+1RD Best .223 rifle under $700, 2 Daniel Defense DDM4V11 16in 5.56x45mm Nato Matte Black 30+1RD Best .223 rifle under $2,000, 3 Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II 5.56mm 16 Best .223 rifle under $800, 4 Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 5.56 16 30+1, 5 Savage Axis II .223 Remington Bolt Action Rifle, Realtree Timber Best .223 rifle under $350, 6 Ruger American Rifle Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle Best .223 rifle under $500, 7 FN Scar 20S Precision Semi-Auto Rifle Our choice for best .223 rifle, 8 Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical Rifles, Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 5.56 16 30+1, Ruger American Rifle Ranch Bolt-Action Rifle, rifle comes with a direct impingement action, Most Accurate .22 Caliber Pellets In 2023 Top 4 Rated Reviews, Top 6 Best 7.6239 Rifles On The Market 2023 Reviews, Best .30-06 Rifles On The Market 2023 Reviews, Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense in 2023 Reviews, Top 5 Best Leupold Scopes For AR-15 In 2023 Review, Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Review [2023 UPDATED], Top 8 Best AR-10 Rifles For The Money In 2023 Reviews, Best AR 15 ACOG Scopes On The Market 2023 Reviews, Best Scopes for .30-30 Lever Action Rifles in 2023, Top 15+ Best BB Gun in 2023 Reviews BB Rifles & BB Pistols, Best Lever Action Rifles Of 2023 Top 9 Ultimate Reviews, Top 5 Best Rifles Under $500 in 2023 Reviews & Buyers Guide, Best AK Scope Mounts for The Money in 2023. This is a proven battle rifle thats been used in real combat by US military units such as the Navy SEALS and US Army Special Forces. Rifle weight limit is 8.25 kilograms (18 pounds). The heaviest and longest barrels work best, but you have to balance this with the weight restrictions of the F-Class game. Windham WW-15 Varmint Exterminator 223 Fluted Flat-Top Rifle. The KeyMod system helps in this regard by keeping your zero stable each time you detach an accessory. What Is A 223 Rifle? It's not far behind the .223 and rifles in .222 are very reasonably priced. The Ruger Precision Rifle in .223 shows great promise as well (but I have no personal. Tikka T3X Lite Stainless Green/Black Roughtech Adjustable .243 Rifle. 3. These rifles are among the quintessential modern sporting rifles. They also have a flat-top upper receiver with forwarding assist, dust cover, and brass deflector. Website by Fieldsports Press Ltd. To keep it simple, the 5.56mm is essentially just a different type of chamber profile as compared to 'civilian' .223, but the two can pretty much be used interchangeably. Its all swings and roundabouts isnt it! 15 Useful Car Accessories 2023 - Top Picks, 7 Best Condenser Mic Under 300 2023 Top Picks, 7 Best Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500 - 2023 Top Picks, 8 Best Lightweight Hunting Boots 2023 (For a successful, Top 7 Best Cane For Balance Problems 2023 - Top Picks, 8 Best Telescope Under 1000 2023 - Top Picks & Reviews, Top 7 Best Boat Shoes for Fishing 2023 - Top Picks, Top 12 Best Wet Tile Saw under $300 2023 Buying Guide, Top 7 Best Fans For Tent Camping 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide. The gun accepts three lugs in its bolt design, which is a standard shotgun capacity though it would be nice to have more scope in this area. This makes it harder to apply a set torque to the action screw without bending the stock and this the reason for terms such as bedding pillars and glass bedding being bandied around so frequently. A two-stage HACT trigger is standard, and so is the Hogue OverMolded stock with its soft and comfortable non-slip grip. As a military-grade rifle, with ambidextrous levers, it can accommodate both right and left-handed shooters. Now, lets fire through whats on offer, as we find the best .223 rifle for you. One of the things to look for while going through the list of reviews is taking note of what recent buyers are saying about each rifle. Also featured is a gas piston system surrounding the barrel thats a full-length handguard. Available in .223, .243, .308 and .30-06. or 5.56 NATO with increased accuracy. Here, we've listed 11 great .22 rifle reviews, with notes on ideal usage, price and where to buy Rifle: Anschutz 1710 HB G Kelbly .22 LR precision Best for: Target shooters and long-range crows/rabbits Price: 2,670 Importers: RUAG Ammotec UK Review: click here Rifle: Steyr Mannlicher Zephyr .22 LR Best for: Close range vermin and rabbit Gun comes complete with Burris Four Xe 6-24x50 scope, Burris . Some weapons may check several boxes and be suitable for hunting, sports shooting, target shooting, and even personal protection. Do not copy any content (including images) without our consent. However, before you start shopping for ammo, there are several other important factors you cannot overlook and be sure to check your local regulations to be certain that hunting deer with a .223 Rem . Check on Cabelas. Only 1995 - Yup you saw that right all this for 1995 and a free cap 14.5" 16" 18" or 20" all in stock n. RUGER - AMERICAN RANCH 350 LEGEND. These rifles are commonly used for range hunting, target shooting, competitive shooting, varmint, or big game hunting. The semi-auto variant of the military's M16 / M4 series, the AR-15 can provide accurate fire out to moderate ranges and is powerful enough for deer and larger predators like coyotes. Youll get the answer once you use it yourself. Available in .223 Rem., 300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. It was developed in 1957 for an experimental rifle known as the AR-15. The bolt release system too can be a pain if you have used the simpler bolt action rifles. This is a premium level .223 rifle with some super impressive features. Put together by experienced hunters using only premium quality components - this package is all anyone could ever need! Across competitive shooting, hunting, self-defense, and tactical target practice, it continues to perform exceptionally well. So now we move onto a whole different type of rifle with this Savage Axis II. It is worth it even with these little hiccups. At The Sportsman Gun Centre we are proud to offer an incredible range of rifles from both industry leading brands and renouned gun makers. In our opinion one of the best value package deals out there at the moment - the GPO scope is top quality and the Vanguard fluted rifle is a solid performer. please click on the link below for new & current service / sniping rifle stock items. On top of everything else, it spits out all types of ammo including brass ammo. A Bushnell Banner Scope comes paired with it in the package. So, think introspectively about what kinds of activities you like to involve yourself in. In short, its a rifle worthy of the best .223 rifles target shooting overall honor. Made in the USA, we recommend this .226 rifle to anyone who is KeyMod orientated. Along with the incredibly accurate barrel, this rifle comes with a direct impingement action type. only 850 !! If we had to choose just one from this great selection of rifles, we would definitely go for the. Having an improper fit is the surest route to accuracy difficulties while on the field. The glove-friendly trigger guard is a great addition as well as the strong polymer trigger module. Then check out the Savage Axis II rifle. The Sporter barrelled-action in blued finish, short-action in .223 is the most obvious choice for a foxing rifle with modest ammunition costs, which, mated to a Hogue Suregrip stock, puts bullets on target straight from the box. So you can mount accessories with the confidence that they are unlikely to weigh your gun down. 3 Smith & Wesson - M&P15 Sport II 5.56mm 16 - Best .223 rifle under $800. The long-stroke system on the gun also affords three different settings for users. Its a whole deeper topic, but I prefer the Sauer design for torque repetition if the pair ever have to be parted. Excellent condition Remington 700 in .223 with 26", 1-12" twist barrel threaded 5/8". The system features a custom integrated upper receiver and handguard system that provide the shooter a light-weight. Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint. Both entry-level occasional shooters and military experts will be quite happy with the rifle overall. or .308 Win. The first thing I will say is that I care very little for the most common question of which is the most accurate because its a great misdirection from the usability of a rifle and these two guns, both used regularly by myself in weekly vermin control, both shoot sub-MOA with ease and little preference for ammunition types within the capability of their barrels and twist rates. Is it the best .223 semi-auto rifle? The .223 BLR is the smallest rifle in it's production family. Most of these .223 rifles will have the ability to reach targets that are 200 to even 300 yards away (or more). And whats more, this is an incredibly affordable .223 rifle option. Answer (1 of 19): I'm a BIG fan of the Tikka rifles. The barrel is a heavy cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined, and free-floating type. In the Navy for the first ten years, where he was Master at Arms during Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. Plus, the barrel is very resilient and long-lasting due to its high-quality construction. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for 243 Rifles. Conversely, when applied to a sporting rifle, a 45 lift from a four-lug bolt would be best in theory, but the laws of physics clearly dictate that it (all other factors being equal) is going to require the greatest force to accommodate the shorter travel. Ruger combined their inexpensive .223 rifles with the American bolt-action line to provide this economy rifle. Ruger No. A lightweight trigger pull weight also enables high-velocity shooting. And we know this helps with recoil even with heavy rounds. Please turn on JavaScript for the best possible experience. Ruger's rimfire semi-auto has an 18.5 " barrel length and splits into 2 subassemblies. The. Last on our list is this Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical Rifle, which is made for exceptionally accurate shooting. Lets see what it offers. As an additional safety feature, it blocks the weapon from firing if you dont place your finger completely over it. WEBSHOP - Open With Shipping To UK Only - Shipping services are disabled to all other destinations. If, however, you want a high capacity AR-style platform for hunting, we would suggest the, Ruger AR-556 16.1 5.56x45mm Nato Black 30+1RD. Here weve listed those that will enable you to aptly move from hunting a big game to participating in sports shooting. Releasing magazines and controlling safety with both hands is as easy as a pie. The X-1 LAR15 is an incredible rifle. Rotary bolt-style magazine. Therefore, our favorite .223 hunting rifle has to be the, Savage Axis II .223 Remington Bolt Action Rifle, Realtree Timber 57460. And lastly, the gun only weighs in at a mere 6.5 pounds making it a super lightweight, accurate, and high capacity rifle. $975.00 $779.99. This affords superior accuracy, durability, and corrosion resistance. Add to Cart. I really like this approach as it helps keep your cheek down on the comb without bumping the brim of your hat with your hand operating the handle. Firefox | Thanks to the dual aluminum pillars supporting the barreled receiver, youll get the shot right most of the time and it gets one big point for securing minimal shift from zero position due to environmental changes. Browning A Bolt vs. X Bolt Mount Which One Is Better? Additionally, you get a flash suppressor muzzle, a front sight tool and one Magpul PMAG 30 plus one round magazine with this package. The front sight has very good elevation adjustment, and the rear sight is made as a rapid deploy type suitable for tactical work. The overall quality will be based on the kind of materials that each component is made with. More information | This rifle is very attractive with its blue non-glare matte design and stunning black finish. Plus, you get an AccuTrigger in this set-up, so you can adjust the pull weight to suit your ideal preference. All that being said, the lack of grip on the handle is something we didnt like. The crisp and light trigger built into this rifle is actually user adjustable. You would be able to knock down targets with consistent accuracy from 50 yards and up. Please view our cookie details page for more information on the cookies we use. However, it does house a detachable single-column box magazine. The action is topped by a 0-MOA rail, and the rifle also has a large, skeletonized bolt handle and a TriggerTech flat-shoe trig-ger. And thanks to the bolt-up mounting system you can mount the rail system onto any matching receiver you want. In our opinion one of the best value package deals out there at the moment - the GPO scope is top quality and the Vanguard fluted rifle is a solid performer. For example, the 'brass expansion' and 'barrel eater' issues. M4 carbine, its a favorite among the professionals. If you love hunting or are in need of a tactical shooting weapon then you can't miss out on this SPS 700 bolt-action Remington .223 rifles. Ruger 10/22 Takedown (Scoped) The best 22 semi automatic rifle. Daniel Defenses M4 is an expensive version but in this world, you have to spend a lot if you want quality. Obviously, the best tactical .223 rifle will be one out of the range of AR-style rifles weve looked at. Weve ensured to encompass great value options, classically styled rifles as well as cutting edge rifle designs for a complete mixed bag. Youll be able to take it with you for competitive sports, target practice and hunting. The trigger is designed to give you clean, crisp, and predictable breaks. Sauer drops to 4+1 capacity with a detachable magazine whereas the Howa has 5+1 on top of a floorplate. Ruger American Rifle 22" 223 Remington Matte Stainless 4+1RD. fultons no gunsmithing scope rails for enfield no 4 rifles sr2 scope mounting bracket for schmidt and bender l13a1 sr1 Ruger American Ranch: Best 223 Bolt Action Rifle for the Money. #8. tikka t3 supervarmint in 204 all day long theres one for sale on hear its not mine why 223 had two of them 222was better in every way 204 best of the bunch. The original Model 700 has to be considered an American gun owners favorite bolt action centerfire rifles. You wont feel like youre carrying a massive boulder around. The NEW UK Schmeisser AR15 .223 Rifles are HERE !!! The 223 Remington was adopted as the US Infantry cartridge in 1964 after 7 years of development. They also feature free-float M-LOK handguards, as well as specially designed and mounted furniture. This gives you an abundance of accessory mounting options, so you can truly personalize this weapon to suit your needs. Quote. 223 rifles are basically the rifles that have a .223 caliber chambered in it. Lets get right to it. May 11, 2010 1,665 1,605 Hooker, OK. View Latest Price . The ability to specify the rifles action, barrel and stock within a broad order sheet is the great benefit of Howa, so you arent faced with a rifle needing alterations further down the line. Very few rifles are perfect so dont be afraid to experiment with this on your own guns. Both rifles feed smoothly without bullet or brass damage, operating with plentiful primary extraction and ejection force yet the Sauer, having two sprung plunger ejectors helps angle the ejected case more cleanly through its smaller ejection port than offered on the Howa. Famed for their rimfire target rifles, Anschtz have delivered on accuracy and repeatability for decades.During this time their sporting firearms have also gained an enviable reputation in the field. Chris Parkin conducts a detailed comparison of two very different .223s - should you choose a Sauer 223 or a Howa 223? The .223 rifle uses a mid-length gas system, which allows for super smooth shots to be fired with little perceived recoil. Clear Sight Picture. Infinitely customizable and available in a variety . First on the list is this Ruger AR-556, which has an impressive 30 plus one round capacity. This highly accurate, no . This should allow you to aim more accurately, keep the gun steady, and reduce over travel when firing between various targets. Plus, Ruger has included heat-resistant glass-filled nylon handguards, so you can shoot round after round without it getting hot for your support hand. This rifle is accurate as all the other rifles from Ruger. There are quality inexpensive rifles being made, but if you step up into the $500-$1,000 price range, almost every option will shoot accurately and have more consistent quality control. As a bonus, a hinged floorplate magazine is included along with a plain stock muzzle. The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II is a gas-operated action type rifle that has a 30 plus one round capacity using a detachable AR style magazine. Barrel length: 510mm/20" 1 in 12" twist rate. Another exciting application is target shooting. The Ruger rifle has a cold hammer-forged and threaded barrel design, with the result being precise rifling. It has a 16-inch long barrel and weighs in at 6.45 pounds. . 3. The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Plus, thanks to the heavy and free-floating barrel getting the accuracy right dont seem much of a problem to a seasoned shooter. Furthermore, this beast breaks the barriers with its low-glare milled gas block located at a carbine-length (M4) position, which offers improved balance and handling. The rifle excludes the extravagant handguard and buttstock, giving you the autonomy to buy the accessories you want. This is a two-stage trigger set-up where you can actually adjust the weight of the trigger pull to your own personal preference. To ensure that itll be a perfect fit as youre handling it, check how comfortable you are with it in your apparel. We loved how guiding the magazine into place is swifter due to the wide magazine well. Upfront, there is an A2 style fixture that youll see on the original AR rifles. And the main body is made from a very strong and resilient lightweight polymer as standard with many modern rifle designs. with different colours, fonts, font sizes and bullets. So this means you could have spares ready to carry on shooting without taking time out to reload. I shoot lots of different guns which rules out one specific rifle at fault. I'd actually say the Howa is a little easier and faster to prepare for firing, but it's horses for courses. Early rifles had a slow twist of 1:14 that limited projectile weights to a maximum of 55 grains. Also, this bolt-action rifle features a fixed magazine with an indomitable heavy barrel and non-slip, rubber Hogue OverMolded stock. No winner here, just worth bearing in mind. Recoil in .223 is fairly inconsequential, and both guns are very comfortable to shoot with shot release and precision on target only really affected by the difference in trigger style. We are proud agents for the following brands and carry good stocks of new rifles from; Steyr Mannlicher, , Accuracy . Below, we've brought together 10 of the best bolt action rifles on the market today. It is used in real combat by numerous military units, and its proven to be ultra-reliable, accurate, and high performing. The cartridges are called .223 Remingtons. Youll be able to target effectively up to 800 yards with the SCAR 20S, as lots of testing and design has enabled it to be calibrated in this way. Plus, this is a very lightweight rifle design, weighing in at just 6.3 pounds. Read more. It is a nimble .223 Rem. Either way, the overall performance should be a good indicator of whether or not a .223 rifle might be worth investing in. They are lightweight and rugged, embodying the best combination of function and form. Three-lug is a superb compromise and although more costly than a two-lug build, gives 60 lift and consequent action speed/bolt ergonomics. Made for predominantly sporting purposes, this Smith & Wesson could easily be used for self-defense and hunting as well. By using a barrel nut system and V-notch support, they left the cold hammer-forged barrel in a free-floating position. Browse .223 Rifles for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK's #1 gun marketplace. A longer barrel typically yields a greater muzzle velocity, while shorter ones will produce a lower one. Related Review: 5.56 suppressor buyers guide. This is where reliability and accuracy meet. The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II is a gas-operated action type rifle that has a 30 plus one round capacity using a detachable AR style magazine. The better the quality, the better chance it has of lasting you a long period of time. But we have to mention the stock touching the barrel because a free-floating barrel is more accurate. Also, because there is a long 15-inch rail in place, youll be able to grip really close to the muzzle. The .223 Remington is considered one of the most popular . CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer .22LR Bolt Action Rifle - Best .22 LR Bolt Action Training Rifle. New rifle package deals at Forest Lodge Guns. With an indomitable stainless steel barrel and an SPR heavy profile, this rifle will stand against any wear and tear. It rapidly achieved widespread popularity amongst hunters and varminters. It really depends on the application. 2023. That doesnt work in the Sauer, so you have to carefully needle one into place manually or swap/reload the magazine. The 1500 package deals come in all the popular calibres, including .223, .22-250, .243, .270, 6.5 x 55, .30.06 and .308. Unlike the F-Open, which allows an adjustable rest, the only front support . It also has a sleek black finish. Muzzle velocity: 3100 fps. Its without a doubt that the .223 cartridge is widely used and favored among many gun owners around America, and the world for that matter. This bad boy will get the job done. Heres what you need to consider as part of your final purchasing decision: Knowing what youll be using your firearm will help narrow down your decision when choosing what to buy. Fantastic value for money at They are also made to be extremely durable as well. This is a great combination for short to mid-range targeting and acquisitions in various contexts. The 100 magazines, being the smaller .223 cartridge, loses the fantastic twin-column magazine design attributed . Includes a 30-round capacity magazine. One negative would be the synthetic stock, it feels a bit cheap but for the price its okay. Savage Axis XP .223 Remington Matte Stainless Steel Bolt-Action Rifle Purchasing an armory shouldnt be a banal task. It uses a bolt action mechanism and has a true classic rifle look, but with modern construction. So finally, wed like to thank you for reading through the reviews, and we hope you find what youre looking for to fit your particular needs in a rifle. The Savage 110 is the lightest of the recommendations and comes in at approximately 9lb when scoped with the Bushnell Forge riflescope. It also comes with a carbine-length buffer tube assembly. The 2-stage Geissele match trigger helps to get a controlled and predictable break between shots. You can easily dub it the best .223 semi-auto rifle. So far, the magazine feed feels smooth and doesnt jam up during firing. The .223 Rem. Browning drills and taps the X-Bolt receiver for optics, and Browning includes an extended bolt handle. So there you go, two rifles of almost identical capability, both wonderfully demonstrating the variety of ways to skin a cat when projecting a 50gr bullet at just over 3,000 feet per second.

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