The Narrow Block 262 engines produced in 1948 and early 1949 used an aluminum 2-barrel intake manifold. Free battery installation & charging, check engine light scanning, starting system testing, & more! FIBER TIMING GEAR 1937-40 6&8 CYL. High Performance 1/2 308 Head. They can be fitted to the Narrow Block engine. Standard and oversizes available. It should also correspond to the rotor being just about under the #1 plug post on the cap. MAIN BEARING SET 1948-56 ALL 6 CYL EXC JET AVAIL. PRO TORQUE HIGH BOND HEADGASKET 1951-54 308 - $95.00, 7570SPT On other engines, a brake cylinder hone can be used for this job, but the Hudson lifter bores are too narrow. When using a timing light to time your HUDSON, lay the light on top of the starter. $327.77 + $22.50 shipping. PAN GASKET SET 1924 -26 - $27.50, S026 DIFFERENTIAL AND DRIVELINE SET- $30.00, 0HG5V493 Could anyone tell me what a Twin H Power junk yard engine might be worth. The pistons are consistent in size and weight to provide maximum horsepower, maximum performance, and maximum oil control. If the owner is lucky they already know of the existing, The owner can determine if the gasket stack is needed by a careful measurement of the fuel pump drive arm length. Part Number: DAC-15425. The valve pockets must be enlarged and then hand ground to achieve the venturi /effect under the valve seat which is so important to obtaining max flow through the valves. No core charge is required. 1936 OVERHAUL GASKET SET- $250.00, 30006 OIL Using the stamp pad stick quickly ink all of the surfaces of the part to be gasket-ed. The diagram above shows how the seal wears the spacer. Last time I saw it was around 1995. The horsepower of the 7X engine is rated at 180 and the torque is 305 ft-lbs. They were also relieved by hand, to boot! One method often overlooked in the use of the original part to make your new gasket. PISTON 1950-54 232 6 CYL AVAIL IN STD,030,040,060 - $55.00 EA, PST 961 The old condenser went back it and she ran fine. This includes the 254 eight cylinder, 212 engine, 202 engine and the These carry a full warranty. Sorry the engine was developed for NASCAR racing. REPLACE THE GASKET STACK with the new pump. a. SKU: 6-81302 . This is the area of the block across which the mixture must flow from the valves to the cylinder. Credit must be given to Dana Advertiser, who was our engine designer on the Hornet, for producing the outstanding design. If you have something to share let us know. Teague was a fine driver and mechanic, very modest as are all the good drivers I ever knew, easy to work with and jointly we produced cars that dominated stock car racing for some time. The next step is to get some small bristle brushes, such as gun cleaning brushes, and run them in and out of all the oil passages in the block and crank, using soapy water as a cleaning solvent. Bearing Set and Connecting Rod Bearing Set, Optional: There are several methods, but the following two methods have been used successfully. If not, there's really no reason for the ignition timing to be so far off that she won't fire, but check it as follows: With the plugs out, crank the motor while you keep a finger over the first plug hole. VENTILATER TUBE TO VALVE COVER WASHER- $2.00, 3B31 Add Set of 12 New Lifters for $135 more, MS 1161 The dual carbs identify this as a "Twin H Power" engine, but the piping running across the head and the pair of superchargers on the driver's side of the motor are definitely NOT Hudson parts. Together they have developed a line of race proven parts that increase performance of the Hudson 308/262/232 flat head 6 engines. The counterbore that the valve sits in will be eliminated and you will have a flat plane surface from the edge of the valve seat to the cylinder. ROD BEARING 1955-57 HUDSON RAMBLER W/196 6 CYL AVAIL IN (32,822) 100%. The 232 CID block has the same bore as the 262 but used a 3.875" stroke crankshaft. MAIN BEARING SET 1956-57 250,327 AMC V8 AVAIL IN STD,002,010,020,030 - $140.00 BEARING SET 1941-47 6 CYL- $70.00, H2 CAM PINION SEAL 41-47 ALL 6 AND 8 - $35.00, 5778 Elkton MD 21921-3330, Website master's son, Joseph with Smoky @ 1999 Nashville HET National Meet, Tips for Troubleshooting compression problems. 1 OIL PUMP KIT 1956-57 AMC 250,327 V8 - $40.00, THRUST 1 hXKW1|^;EDz(R&'?$7_u7%vd,XUq5kA1^,"3\P.e(Zv^E*o'|W0{[i{q"Iwcw~ijUOM;IAj I dont remember who made the intake manifold for it but it had 2 Stromberg 2 barrel carbs on it and headers. A SMART LOOKING ACCESSORY!! THANKS FOR YOUR ORDER! If the arm is about 1/2 inch shorter then the stack is not needed. Cylinder heads were available in either aluminum or cast iron and were unmarked in 1948 and 1949. BEARING SET 194 1-52 HUDSON 8 - $70.00, H3 CAM They look so much better under the hood than those accordian hoses, Double Action for 1948 to 1954 Hudson Engines, 21st Century Hudson | Randy & Russ Maas | Hudson Parts and Restoration Specialists. VALVE GUIDE, INTAKE 1948-56 232,262,308 - $6.00 EA, VG 805 They made the 232, 262, and 308 and a in line 8 that was 250 something.The 262 with the stick should have had the fluid clutch and used a strange bellhousing setup. If this is all correct. Home / Engine Kits / Hudson 308 1955-56 HORNET - HU308M55-56. Hudson introduced the Big six engine line in 1948 as a 262 cubic inch only. I think not and I back that up with a comment that can be attributed my deceased, but RABID HUDSON SUPPORTER and friend, Kelly Hingardner who once said I am not pleased with the engine I created using all the 7X tricks it does not perform well on the street you have to put your foot through the firewall all the time! All pistons, pins, rods and crankshaft were microbalance. . WINDOW CYLINDERS- $185.00, FL45479 The block was fully contour slope relieved to the Hornet gasket shape. BRAND NEW VALVE LIFTERS FOR 1948-56 232,262,308 6 CYL ENGINES- $15.00 EA, VL 13 Unlike an OHV, in a flathead, all the power is produced by the breathing ability of the block in which the valves are located, as opposed to the easily replaceable head of an OHV engine. 1955-56 1/2" HORNET GRADE 8 3/4" FLANGED HEAD HIGH The ignition timing would possibly be affected if you had the distributor out while doing the re-ring job. TIMING CHAIN COVER GASKET AND SEAL 1923-26 - $35.00, S023 SET OF 4 - $89.00. BEARING SET 1948-566 CU EXC. We have under trunk lights, foglights, foglight bulbs, spotlights, spotlight parts, windshield washer bottles and back up lights. BEARING SET 1955-56 320,352 PACKARD V8 - $80.00 SET, H8-1 1933 ALL AND 1935-36 SPEC 6 EXHAUST DAMPER COVER GASKET- $7.50, 790 Jun 16, 2015 - Hudson Hornet 308 Twin H high performance engine. other years), TC 340 TIMING CHAIN 1948-56 6 CYL (EXC High performance 308 head. Then apply an air hose with a rubber-tipped nozzle and about 40 psi pressure to the spark plug hole and listen for air leakage. 1924 OVERHAUL GASKET SET- $235.00, 0HG5V537 HEADGASKET NORS 1951-54 308 HORNET- $75.00, 7570SPT 1934-1958, SINGLE 7181 1952 1930-47 6 CYL, 193 0-52 8 CYL- $5.00 EA, PB 795 It was not restored because the previous owner found out it had a racing engine in it and he wanted the car back, so he never signed over the title. Upon reassembly REVERSE the spacer so that a new and unblemished surface is provided for the crank seal. These smaller-size bolts have been an issue since the beginning of production, sometimes resulting in the bolts shearing from the engine's torque. We had 2 of them we.raced we took the 262 wasp head and drilled it to fit the 308 hornet it was higher compteddion and we also used the.56 engine because it had a dry clutch not a cork wet.clutch at one of the tracks we had 9 straight wins. Adaptation takes the form of a gasket stack which spaces the fuel pump out or away from the block . Note: This procedure requires a correctly installed flywheel. PINION SEAL 36-40 ALL 6 AND 8 - $35.00, 50702 206199 Evolution Motorsports. The later model '55 and '56 blocks have deeper stock relief areas than the earlier blocks which makes them more desirable for a stock engine, but if the relief area is to be machined to 7X specs, it makes no difference which block you use. AND ADD TO THE LOOK OF YOUR CAR. You'll hear it out the adjacent cylinder spark plug hole (head gasket sealing problem), out the breather pipe (ring blow-by), through the carburetor throat (intake valve), or out the exhaust (exhaust valve). PAN GASKET SET 1933 (1 PAIR)- $42.50, 22015 OIL $26.00 + $14.95 . 1948-54 7/16" GRADE 8 CORRECT 3/4" SIZE HEAD SPECIAL PRODUCTION- Some of the cheaper align boring rigs are nothing but junk, and they can really butcher a block. Cut a piece of gasket about 1-2 inches larger than the dimensions of the surface for which the gasket is to be placed once manufactured. (If buying a used aluminum cylinder head, be sure to ensure it can be machined back to straight and true). Hudson introduced the "Big Six engine" line in 1948 as a 262 CID version. OVERHAUL GASKET SET 1951-54 308 HORNET (w/ PRO TORQUE HEADGASKET)- $220.00, OHGS7630S Find prices, features and ratings on . Thats the legendary 308ci Wide Block inline six that was made by the Hudson corporation in the early to middle 1950s. Together they have developed a line of race proven parts that increase performance of the Hudson 308/262/232 flat head 6 engine. CONNECTS THE METAL FUEL The Narrow Block 262 engines produced in 1948 and early 1949 used an aluminum 2-barrel intake manifold. hbbd```b``"A$cXDrHy4d4Ho``=@ I INTAKE MANIFOLD TO CARE RISER GASKET- $24.00, 5514 K If the arm is about 1/2 inch shorter, The camshaft of the engine is used to drive the fuel pump. NOTE ALL THE DIFFERENT TESTS that were recommended take the time to do all the tests thoroughly and REPAIR the items found defective after all the last Hudson STEPDOWN was built over 60 YEARS AGO! They can be fitted to the Narrow Block engine. Buy your parts online and pick them up in-store in 30 minutes or less! Please inquire as to your needs. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - click here W161512 ADJ SCREW & 45359 LOCKNUT 1934-47 6, 1934-52 8, NEW All ports were polished. This image shows the completed project, and Hudson fans will recognize the big Hudson 308 Cubic Inch Flathead six. This replaces the original timing chain, which are prone to stretch and reduce engine performance and eventually gear jumping. Bore is 3.5625" and stroke is 4.375". PAN GASKET SET 1929 (2 PC)- $52.50, S033 5 PC EXHAUST PIPE FLANGE GASKET- $4.00, 22015 OIL 2.000 (30 degree) stock length 5.735 HUDSON BLUEPRINT CORRECT MATERIAL- $85.00, OPK 111 I - $45.00, TSCA 3200 BONUS: Massive blown Hudson stroker running! HEADGASKET NORS 1955-56 308 HORNET- $75.00, 7570SF Respi Mee Sup Sabahiiat. 7570SF OVERHAUL GASKET SET 51-54 308 HORNET (w/ FELPRO HEADGASKET)- $245.00, OHGS AMC V8 - INQUIRE, AXLE, WHEEL, PINION, TRANSMISSION, PITMAN SHAFT SEALS, 50078 While never factory installed, a customer could order the 7X engine and it would be installed at the delivering car dealership that the guy purchased his machine from. Over the time of the Stepdown, many factors created changes in the original philosophy of the company as it applied to these engines. City/County Ordinances & State/Federal Laws Run Amok, timing chain slinger oil pressure bolt.JPG, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The standard factory cam for Hudson 232, 262, and 308 engines is Part # 306344. Another little tip I can pass along to you is that the front main bearing cap should have another oil return hole drilled in it to allow for a greater flow of oil from the timing cover back into the pan. INTAKE AND EXHAUST GUIDE 1955-57 HUDSON RAMBLER 196 6 CYL- $5.00 EA, VG 819 Racing, This started with Ira Vail and the Super-Six way back. The price was $2,568, identical to a Commodore Eight. 1955 and 1956 308 engines. Each line represents approximately 2.8 degrees of advance in timing. 1948-54 ENGINE PACKAGE "MASTER REBUILDER" 1938-40 HUDSON STRAIGHT 8, 8 TIMING COVER GASKET AND SEAL SET- $25.00 SET, 72000 HYDRAMATIC TORUS COVER GASKET- $15.00, 13021E PRODUCTION- $22.00 EA, VL 976 The performance camshafts Hudson used in most Wide Block engines were the "742" and the "040" cams. An aluminum cylinder head was optional on all three engine displacements during this time. TIMING COVER GASKET AND SEAL- $35.00, S016 OIL EXHAUST DAMPER VALVE COVER 1930-30 - $10.00 9574 CARE TO RISER The slope finishing about 3/32" below the block top. Is the distributortimed correctly? Naturally the boys at Hudson went to work on the problem with a panicky zeal. RISER SET 1930-31 4 PC- $55.00, S07 MANIFOLD GASKET SET 1930-32 - $35.00, SO8F MAIN SLINGER COVER GASKET SET- $6.00, 44584 74,75,76,77 8 CYL, 1938-47 ALL 6 AND 1940-47 AND ALL 6 AND 8 CYLINDER AND MAIN SLINGER COVER GASKET SET- $6..00, 7345 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Parts Or Resto - AMT AMERICAN MODEL TOYS O BUDD CAR CHASSIS / MOTOR - RUNNING at the best online prices at eBay! The performance camshafts Hudson used in most Wide Block engines were the "742" and the "040" cams. Remove the part and you will have a gasket positive that can be cut out with a craft knife or razor blade. 1929 OVERHAUL GASKET SET - $327.50, OHGSV755A 1998 - 2023Klassic Concepts Consulting all rights reserved, Video of Andrew C. 7X clone engine running in his 1954 WASP Club Sedan, Extracted from July 1975 WTN - Bernie Siegfried and I were sitting under a tree at Indian Caverns back in the early Hershey Meet day, talking as you might guess about, According to Bernie, during the 1949 model run, the rear main bearings started to go, Factory notes describing combustion chambers, intake, and exhaust valve chargeflow as well as mechanicalclearances -, these notes include a "200 Cubic inch" engine in the charts, To translate Casting Codes - Dates are determined by the last digits - thus D122 translates as April 12th, 1942, or 52. OVERHAUL GASKET SET 1925-26 - $327.50, S09 You can defray some of those costs by moving your mouse cursor over the word DONATE above and clicking. Includes head, studs, nuts, washers, thermostat, thermostat housing, head gasket, thread tape, and sealant. FOR STEP-DOWNS- $89.00 PAIR or $45.00 EACH, FRONT Probably few have ever noticed this difference, and if so may have thought the head defective. aguila 22lr interceptor 40g hv cp solid point 50pk . DRIVER'S SIDE OUTER 1935-36 ALL (EXCEPT 1936 MODEL 63 DELUXE) 1937 MODELS INTAKE AND EXHAUST VALVE GUIDE 1956-57 AMC 250,327 V8 - $5.00 EA, VS488 Racing, This started with Ira Vail and the Super-Six way back. Offered in versions that ranged from 145hp to 170hp and later 180+ and all the way into the 200+ horsepower range from the factory with the 7X, these things were anvil tough and did respond to the normal hot rodding tricks of the era well. - $90.00 SET, MS 1696 to Charlie Woodruff for providing the "PIT STOP"information, Sloan died a number of years ago, but his talent and love for, any of them do not really understand what it is, Correct block preparation is a very exacting science, the details of which are often overlooked by the amateur hot, The lifter bores should be smoothed and polished with fine emery cloth. 1955-57 PACKARD 320,352 AND AMC 250,327 V8 - $10.00 EA, VL 28 Explore. q. what size exhaust pipes do i use with 6=8 headers? This video is crammed with this kind of descriptions of the most . This variety and the need to use existing non-special parts created parts interfaces, which required the pumps to be "adapted" to the particular use. BE USED ON ALL MAKES OR CARS. Free shipping. High performance $ 135 PN 573. NEW FELPRO BRAND HEADGASKET 1955-56 308 HORNET- $95.00, OHGS763OS 7630SPT OVERHAUL GASKET SET 55-56 308 HORNET (w/ PRO TORQUE HEADGASKET)- The "742" has a .354" valve lift and the "040" has a .390" valve lift and 268 degrees of duration. 2 REQUIRED PER CAR- $12.00 EA, NEWLY The 262'sbore is 3.5625" and the stroke is 4.375". Cylinder wall distortion can and will run as high as .003 to .004 so this is the only way to get a top-notch professional quality ring seal. PINION SEAL 50-EARLY52 HUDSON BUILT READ- $35.00, 50077 The bearing trouble? 60 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[51 16]/Info 50 0 R/Length 69/Prev 589383/Root 52 0 R/Size 67/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream With their race-proven performance, engineering excellence and unconventional designs, the 1951-1954 Hudson Hornets appealed to more discerning buyers-and that appeal remains half a century later. Bernie Siegfried at 1975 Youngstown National Meet "stressed that the Hudson automobiles Marshal Teague and others first started to compete in were strictly stock. Bernie said it disappeared as mysteriously as it came. These kits allow you to use you to replace your earlier motor with a 1955-1956 Hudson engine with the earlier (1951-1954) Hudson hydromatic. (Park W. July 2004 Hudson Chat) Try a pressure test to see exactly where the compression is leaking: Take the plugs out, and put the one to be tested near the top dead center on the compression stroke (just have the dist. PINION SEAL 52-54 ALL 6 AND 8 - $25.00, 6487 Peering over the top of the radiator will allow you to view the timing light flashing on the flywheel. Good Luck. . All Hudson Stepdown engines are L-head designs. 12 VOLT SPOTLIGHT WITH BRACKET $235.00 EA (SPECIFY LH OR RH FOR 1938-56 Ken Cates' Hudson Stepdown Restoration Resources, The engine is displayed on Factory Provided Stand, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------. ADD ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR HUDSON ACCESSORIES FROM THE 30S, BEAUTIFUL PIN SET 1940-54 ALL EXC JET- $160.00, KING PIN Piston pins were finish ground on the inside diameter and this diameter tapering from the enter to the pin ends. Water Pumps for 1948 to 1954 308, 262 and 232 engines are now available and in stock for immediate delivery. TIMING COVER GASKET AND SEAL SET- $25.00, 40339/42 VOLTS SPOTLIGHT WITH BRACKET $245.00 EA (SPECIFY LH OR RH FOR 1938-56 Piston heads were sloped at the valve facing side the width of the block relief and the relief depth. 503 locals recently requested a quote. Exceptional Postwar Lionel 665 Baby Hudson/2046W. A high altitude engine was produced by the factory, which included some 7X parts, such as the oversize valves, 232 head, and hot cam, but was not true 7X's in that the relief area was not deeply machined and hand finished. hb```f``@ (riSma"Xa7"888PeZe4;s kb```D;@rX[- ` Hudson's new 1948 models were deeply inspired by the aerodynamic influences of the Tatra 87 . V(K!.:ly/^! That engine is designed to run above 4000 RPM all the time you cannot do that with a driveable street car! Dec 27, 2006. If the engine's cold, you'll usually get a little blow-by into the crankcase, audible at the breather to see how that normal leakage sounds, do the test on a good cylinder first. Home / Engine Kits / Hudson 308 1951-54 HORNET - HU308M51-54. ROD BEARING 1955-56 320,352 V8 PACKARD ENG. To translate Casting Codes - Dates are determined by the last digits - thus D122 translates as April 12th, 1942, or 52. 1934-1935 OVERHAUL GASKET SET- $295.00, OHGSV961 (You can buy all these parts AND the 1950 Commadore Eight advertised for $5500 package . All 232 versions used a 1 bbl intake manifold. $45.00. Cut a piece of gasket about 1-2 inches larger than the dimensions of the surface for which the gasket is to be placed once manufactured. Terms of Service. 3. Free In-store Services. It will provide you with an immediate easy and safe method to donate, THANK YOU! These valves can be easily installed in the stock 308 block. 1/2 inch $ 1950 #WRP2. If the arm is improperly spaced it will in fact "go past" the cam (it is 1/2 inch too long/ the cam shaft eccentric is not engaged and the cam will push a minimum stroke on the fuel pump arm Vis a vis the end. The stock exhaust manifold can be split and dual exhausts installed if a genuine 7X dual exhaust manifold cannot be obtained. For the 232/262/308 engines. Then apply an air hose with a rubber-tipped nozzle and about 40 psi pressure to the spark plug hole and listen for air leakage. Today. Translation of date codes = MO/DAY/YEAR. Responds in about 2 hours. Both of these camshafts started out as 7X racing camshafts, but are suitable for daily driven . Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. This family owned a lot of restored Hudsons and many unrestored sitting on their property. REAR- $10.00, 10052E PRODUCTION $22.00 EA, GASKETS <-- click here for Most are applicable to the Hudson 308/262/232 engines while others are designed for use in the 1955-1956 Hash 308s. So, my Dad and I tore through all the Hudson parts in the various hiding places about and hunted down the best parts in the best condition. When the pump arrives it usually comes with a single fiber gasket, which can easily be MISTAKEN as the ONLY gasket needed to reinstall the new pump. THIS IS AN EXACT REPRODUCTION OF THE ORIGINAL HUDSON ACCESSORY. INTAKE VALVE MODERN PRODUCTION UNLEADED COMPATIBLE 1938-52 8 CYL- $15.00, S1822 REPLACE THE GASKET STACK with the new pump. 1935-36 OVERHAUL GASKET SET- $227.50, SO14 Now we come to the most important part of block preparation: cleaning. We provide all kinds of performance parts to dramatically increase the speed and power of your Hudson Hornet or improve its look and feel. The head bolt holes in the block should be slightly chamfered at the top of the block surface to allow for any distortion caused when the head bolts or studs are, 5. INTAKE MANIFOLD TO CARE RISER- $15.00, S04 OIL Careful measurements will keep your fuel pump happy,DO NOT THROW THOSE SPACER GASKETS AWAY, purchase sheet stock gasket material of the same type as the original gasket being replaced. The sender is made from plastic and over time the metal-to-plastic seal may deteriorate to the point that oil will be lost from the sender.

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