came first in our rankings, with a score of 65.2. We've gathered a list of the best cities for single African-American women in the United States. Im trying to make my choice very carefully. Research has already shown that degrees increase lifetime earnings, close some societal gaps and increase job security. It is the best place for African Americans. If you like the north, Maryland, Howard County. Do research and visit. The views expressed are the opinions and insights of the individual contributors. Never experienced this in Florida. 8. Were originally from Virginia so that is not an option. Florida is getting lots of negative press. But Nashville is a great city. Raleigh is only good if you can afford to live there. So I chose to home school. I visited and found it beautiful, and was wondering what the experience of living there as a black person would be like. Only been here a year and I can attest to all of that. Can you please tell me more about the area? Everyone is pretty much the same no matter what race or nationality they are. For many, buying a house will be the biggest purchase they ever make. Here are the cities that 24/7 Wall St. says are the best for single moms based on its own affordability analysis: 1. My family and I are looking to move to the SC area near Irmo/Columbia. Hello, Im from Chicago and my husband is from Detroit, we reside in Chicago (inner city). Like Houston, very good economy reasonable cost of living culture but its a hot place for singles! If you're looking for a breakdown of cities in Georgia ranked by criteria that most would agree make a place a great spot for finding a single person (and potentially love), this is an accurate list. These data are presented in the full data set at the end of this analysis. I now want to move somewhere warmer and with a larger community of Black folks and other people of color, that is safe and less expensive. Where is a safe area for a young single black mother to raise a child? Florida? This is popularly attributed to D.C's numerous opportunities and schools like Howard University and George Washington University. Dr. Ukanwa shares additional solutions. If you want to connect then let me know. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I was born and raised in Seattle. You get in where you fit in and hopefully find some good white friends to bond with. Hawaii and Idaho have the second and third lowest rates of single parenting, both at about 26 percent. To rank the Best Cities for Black Women, MoneyGeek analyzed data from the American Community Survey, MoneyGeeks Safest Cities and Safest Small Cities and Towns studies, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. My goodness from the sounds of it, it seems Seattle is not completely the go too destination for Black Americans which is unfortunate, but I can understand why this may be so. I came across this site because I want to move next year, being that my daughter will be graduating and heading off to college. We want to live where both of us could thrive and settle. Median Home Price: $399,846. There is a low unemployment rate, wonderful job opportunities, and the schools in Raleigh are some of the best. I`m not on the move for myself, but I have a friend in US looking for a good, quiet place where it is easy to get a good job and make friendship with people. My choice on places to live is the central coast. Does anyone have any suggestions of which states is the safest for older people? Arizona didnt even make it one year with me. I see Bakersfield CA is not as expensive as other parts of California but I wanted some first hand info on diversity. To me it is what you make of it in some places while in others its not. Everyone here is some shade of brown and mixed with all types of ethnicities and religions. Sure, Orlando is known for Disney World and other big theme parks but entertainment options arent the only reason its a nice play for Black families to live. Hi loves! I have a very sweet and sensitive child and the schools here are great!. So peacockbleu your feedback on this site was very helpful. Here in Ohio they make sure you know you are black and if I sound hurt, it is because I am and very much ready to move. The people here are unbelievably kind, and helpful. Also, possibly Florida. Wondering, where to go in Cali; Ladara heights, Baldwin hills, where?? I have been living in Durham my whole life, and was thinking of retiring somewhere else. Philadelphia and D.C. are great for Muslim women! Health Insurance (full weight): The difference in percentage points between the rate of Black women ages 18-64 that have health insurance and the rate of health insurance for all other races nationally. Do you know anything about that area? It is a melting pot but still not enough diversity or culture. I currently live in Florida, trying to relocate what are your suggestions? Might as well stay put! I was born and raised in Cleveland. Remone, fascinating response. History has recorded migration North did not work well for all blacks. Rockwall, TX. Next year my nest will be empty and Im planning wheres the best place for me to be and get my life back. I would love to know what your decision was because I am considering moving here. It is a great, fun college town. Cloud, clermont all great places near Orlando. Weird thing is that most of them arent from the west coast so one would think theyd be friendly. He is black, about 45, high education, 2 master degrees about 6 years ago. This increases the worth of your expertise. For the past 18 years I have lived very happily in south Florida. In Corpus Christi, Black women face high poverty rates in absolute and relative terms, associated low income rates, and have the worst rate of health insurance coverage for Black women between 1864 of the cities analyzed. Kissimmee Fl is nice also, as well as Palm Coast and Hammock Beach in Palm Coast. Where all well aware of Atlanta, time to branch out. Definitely not black! Just know you probably will only make friends through where you work, go to church, attend college or the like. America was moving forward and now its moving backwards!! I agree, when I visited Seattle last summer I definitely felt out of place. Howard county. #19 Best Places to Raise a Family in Massachusetts. I love the countryside. America is going through a change due to the climate in DC. Im a single mother and the cost of living and activities are ridiculous compared to other states. When looking at the worst states for working moms in 2021, Louisiana takes the top spot due to its poor ranking for quality day-care centers, high gender pay gap and lack of paid family leave. Located 8 miles from Chapel Hill, home of UNC, politically very liberal. So glad I found this comment. We all know this and I perfectly understand why many of us loathe to accept it. Hello, I came across this site by accident also. Right. A strong sense of community to be accountable for the future of black children and the cost of living is fair. My husband and I are 29 with a soon to be 7 and 1 year old. Chesapeake or VA Beach, VA. would serve you well Ms Celeste. That was a very long time ago and its still a wonderful place to live. My doctor told me he tells all his African American patients to start a vitamin D supplement because we wont get what we need in that climate. Hopefully, the traffic problems will be resolve with the big infrastructure plans. But thats horrible for young couples looking for their first home. Very clickish. Not to be negative but me and my wife have lived in Seattle 4 years and while I love the west coast (weather, ocean & amp; Mountain Views) the black population isnt big at all. Natural disaster wise? I want so bad to get out of California! Oh no, Stephanie J. Rated the top library system in the nation, that has after school programs that children are driven to in a school bus. Not even the police can help you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Its time for a change and Im just hoping for a good home for my family to grow. My only complaint, too many people are moving here! I spent 10 years in Columbus Ohio the cost of living is very fair as far as schools go. Miami Beach is nice, but expensive. I live in Atlanta and I love it here. Honolulu, Hawaii. Public transportation is excellent. Im approaching retirement and just out of curiosity have been looking for a change of scenery. Sacramento, Calif. and Buffalo, N.Y. followed Springfield, with final scores of 62.2 and 61.5, respectively. I would love to know about schools ratings and jobs for my husband and myself. I wouldnt advise anyone to relocate to Atlanta unless your net income for a family of four is at least $60,000. I was born and raised in Boston, MA. I am looking to relocate with my two children and was convinced that the west coast would be more diverse than Massachusetts. Average Annual Salary: $48,530. The analysis finds a trend common to Americans overall, in that cities that are best for Black women can be geographically close to some of the worst. Its a melting pot of many cultures and I love to sample the food from many of them. I would really like more information about Columbus as far the school system and entrepreneurship for African Americans. I live in Lemon Grove a black neighborhood with a lot history and green hills about 10 minutes from downtown. Im right there with you. Hows the state for a 29 year old single female? I currently live in Atlanta and am desperately trying to leave. Florida is the way to go! Good to know! Richmond boasts some of the best schools, both elementary and middle, for children about half of the population is made up of other families. Nashville has numerous colleges and universities, such as Vanderbilt, Fisk, TSU, And MTSU, so there is a great appreciation for education and intelligence. I mean I was thinking about moving to Seattle but maybe not now. Visited Seattle for three days before a cruise. I lost contact with a friend who settled in Ohio. Ive lived in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and now Ft Lauderdale and this is by far the most welcoming, truly diverse and somewhat affordable place in our opinion (you have to have a well-paying job to live here comfortably). Atlanta is also an excellent place for single Black and brown women. Chestnut Hill is a very safe area to live in and a very cute town. West Virginia. I will be graduating as an APRN and the laws are great for APRN there. Raleigh/Durham is on my radar but real estate is moving fast and expensive down there and they dont have the beautiful pre-1940 stock of houses I love to be surrounded by. Required fields are marked *, document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0b373aef3ce7327debff457dacebd88" );document.getElementById("if75a4498f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );Comment *, Careers Contact Us Privacy Policy CookiePolicy Win. I first moved to Seattle in 1998 for grad school from Brooklyn. Oh! Racism is here like anywhere but its very subtle and youre left alone. Can confirm. My children are mixed and while I have done a lot of research some is very contradictory. I dont think that this is a good place for African American owned businesses, since I dont see many. Its a great place but not for black people. We have all 4 seasons. MoneyGeek ranked 200 cities with populations greater than 65,000 from the best to the worst for Black women. I love Texas, Ive been to Michigan and worked for Amazon in Seattle. Take a look at our latest list of the 10 best places for a single mom to live and work in 2019: Naperville, Illinois Naperville is a small city located in the western region of Chicago, and the. I was thinking of moving from Orlando where I was raised to Ohio, but you have changed my mind. Thanks in advance if I get some tips. We have been living in Alabama all of my life (40 plus years) and looking to branch out. I have an eight year old son and 19 year old daughter. Paired with a quote from a black traveler's experience. I lived in Seattle for a while before packing a bag after my lease was up and getting out. I guess because of my interests in more of a homestead lifestyle. Could you please tell me more about Nashville? Hi Robbin, kind of wondering where do new Englanders head to when moving LOL. Theres lots to do. Berkeley, California Home Snacks has ranked Berkeley, California as one of the best cities for singles in the US. Take our advice, hold that head high and do your thing. We both can tell stories of amazing racially charged events in our lives that would have, but for the Grace of God, destroyed us and our futures. Check into the DMVWashington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. I didnt see but five African Americanss. Where is the safest and go to destination for black Americans to live and prosper? You get all four seasons and then some. Although no place is completely without inequality or injustice, we have researched some of the cities where Black individuals and families are thriving. I know Santa Barbara is beautiful. I am originally from Memphis, but currently live in Nashville.I have an 8 year-old son, and a 4 year old son, who has Down syndrome. 34.13. Yet no state is better represented among the top metros for black women's overall outcomes than North Carolina, where Raleigh, Greensboro-High Point, and Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia come in at. Great list! Trust me, you dont want to move to Philadelphia.

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