Fast shipping and buyer protection. All emotions aside, a bundle of 10 items, unless you're selling something very small/lightweight, could end up causing a big headache. Buyers and Sellers can use a Bundle to connect, share, and make sales. For example, if you offer 50% off a bundle of three items discount, and I add three items to a bundle in your closet, Poshmark will automatically show me the discounted price. I appreciate the help you provided me! If so how? I hope youve made some awesome sales from it. You can accept, counter or decline an offer or counteroffer. Take for example, if you want to buy a designer pair of jeans for 30% off you can either wait for a department store to have a sale or go to outlet stores that will have a closet clear out. Hi! Thanks! As a buyer, am I able to bundle from different sellers? Each time a counteroffer is made, the buyer is notified immediately in the app, by email, and with a push notification. Being new, someone may have been seeing how low you would go. Why arent purchases binding on the seller? Follow these simple steps: Go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Seller Discount > Bundle Discount on my listings. The Poshmark Bundle feature is a GREAT Seller Tool that can increase your average Sale "Piece" and "Price" value. Or is that bad form? Well the seller obviously reconsidered after the comment. So, the hat would go in its own box with its own label, and the hat and jacket would go in a box with its own label. To do this you: You can receive an automatic discount while shopping if that seller has their Poshmark Bundle feature toggled on, and youve added items to a bundle. Thank you for your blog. Is $20/10 item bundle typical? oops sorry just reread the article and saw they last 24 hours! Dawn, Hi Dawn!! If you list an item for $72 and someone offers you $20 that's an insult. Op, before you even consider your counter to this, I would grab up all the items this person bundled, put them in a box and weigh it. Go under your account> My Sales/ My Purchases > Tap on the order > Problems/ Order Inquiry. Here is the scenario I have a question about: Someone has made a bundle and Ive made them an offer on it, but they havent accepted the offer (its now been 11 hours) and now someone *else* made an offer on one of the items in the bundle. I reported the posher but it is so shady to do that. When youve finished creating the sign, go ahead and download/save it to your device. I asked a legitimate question that you refuse to answer. Then they came back and bundled 2 new items but I somehow only accepted their first item, which sold it and wouldnt let me sell the 2nd item. I read this article but am still confused . New buyers get free shipping? A buyer can cancel their offer anytime until the offer expires or until you accept or counteroffer. Ive started to become obsessed with PM too! To do this you will open the Poshmark app and click your account tab on the bottom right corner and find the My Sales button. That is my thinking about it. Lastly, if you wanted to go another route to notify the user of the bundle discount after sharing liked items, you can add a comment. Hi Tina, not sure why this is happening. Is the seller able to comment or contact through the original offer to see if the buyer is still interested (after the offer expires)? You could let them know via this method as well. Also, drop your Poshmark closet and Ill check it out! Heres how: Automatically Receiving a Poshmark Bundle Discount. Maybe we can let Poshmark know our thoughts on this feature update! Im new and trying to understand. Hi, can anyone tell me if there is a way to block family or friends without them knowing? Ive had the last 3 of my purchases cancelled. We strongly suggest guiding any potential buyers who would like to negotiate the price of your listing to submit a private, binding offer through the Offer button. Follow these simple steps: Go to Account Tab > My Seller Tools > My Seller Discount > Bundle Discount on my listings. As a seller, you can choose how much (if any) of a discount you want to offer buyers that want to buy more than one item of yours. It will take you to where the user left you a note. Keep in mind that Poshmark is going to take their fee and there could be additional cost that you have to cover when it comes to packing your item. Share, share and share some more! Click to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Basically, the Golden rule. Thanks for all this helpful Poshmarking info. Option 1: You can make an offer on a single listing or add it to a bundle of one or more items and make an offer to the seller. As you should always counter a lowball offer with an acceptable price and be properly done with it. I had no complaint and people all said thanks for letting me know. An offer needs to be accepted by the seller to complete the transaction. It's not too much to believe we can co-exist, co-operate and thrive in the same community. Will the owner of that item see that I made an offer and them cancelled it? Specific Etiquette: - please do not lowball . Person B made an offer on their bundle, and I made a counter offer. If you cannot accept my offer, that's fine. It sounds like your initial reaction was that it was way to low. Bundling did take more time than other areas of the app for me to understand; however, after a few searches into How Bundling Works, I found your site, and this article, and it has made the entire process so much clearer. Thank you for answering, I thought so too, but I wanted to make sure. Looks like they havent been active on the platform for a few months. Wouldnt it be cool to find more than one item you love from another users closet and get a deal for purchasing them both? Im so glad that this article helped you learn more about bundles. If you have any other questions feel free to email What am I doing wrong? You want to purchase a single item from a Poshmark sellers closet (as the automatic bundle discount is not yet available for just one singular item). Some people I've never followed and they spam there promotion. Thanks again, and all my best to you! Its up to you whether you want to offer them reduced shipping via that method and take the cost out of your pockets. I do not like it that the accepted offer is still binding when the buyer has payment issues. Amazing that Poshmark must teach basic manners to adults who should already know better! I love it and I cant wait till I get my closet completely stocked.. Im open to negotiating a reasonable offer so please feel free to make an offer. Its incredible to me that there are people out there who actually need to be told these things. Banking services provided by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. 0:00 Intro 0:25 What is a. Say thank you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Or you could completely ignore the offer if you think the seller isn't interested in meeting you in the middle. Questions? I'm so annoyed by being misled. It's somewhat accepted on Poshmark to follow absurd numbers of people. Lower the price of your item by at least 10% when Poshmark hosts Closet Clear Out or CCO to trigger reduced shipping for a certain amount of time. If a Poshmark seller offers a Bundle Discount, this will be listed here as Seller Discount. It will then tell you the % off and how many items you need to have in your bundle to qualify for that discount. If you make an offer and you receive zero response the offer expires in 24 hours. It's happening more and more, unfortunately. If you list an item for $72 and someone offers you $20 that's an insult. Or are bundles only available from one seller at a time? Be respectful. I hope so! It depends on the items, but that is a really low offer. How do I write someone who has blocked me? As a seller you can add listings to Bundles that your buyer may be interested in. thank you. You can easily change this percentage or turn it off at any time through your settings. But if I take off the shipping for that item it shows my earnings going down because it seems to take the shipping out of my pocket. Hi Stephanie, the Make An Offer feature is automatically generated. It would be much better if you could make an offer on multiple items. xx Gabriella. Is it in bad taste to accept the offer? Because Im an introvert by nature I try to keep the chatting with offers and all that quiet. Note, this doesn't opt you into Poshmark-related emails. Under a listing image, select the Bundle icon. Hi Jami, there is the offer link next to the buy now button. Youre correct that if you make an offer and choose to lower the shipping for them, it will cut into your profit. Im smiling hearing that youre also obsessed with Poshmark it happens so quickly!! you have about Poshmark. This pro tip right here ^ has been my most successful strategy when offering a Poshmark bundle discount! Please advise and thanks, in advance! I mean, who doesnt love receiving a discount?! There's no single right answer or method. If youve gotten this far, you might be wondering why you should offer Poshmark bundle discounts. You can direct questions about the price along the lines of Thanks for checking out my closet! I summited the wrong number once and it was a huge mistake, but I didnt know hot to cancel then my buyer accepted, so I needed to ship it. This has been happening to me recently and I have been advising my buyers to buy a bundle listing from me instead, but I want to make sure I am giving the right advice? Someone had commented asking for measurements, but there wasn't a reply that I could see. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. When I get the bundle notice, whats the first thing to do? , This is so sweet and I am SO happy to hear that!! Why Should You Offer Poshmark Bundle Discounts. Make an offer is a great much better than the constant public haggling from the lowballers. Let me know if you have any questions. now. And you can choose how much of a discount you want to give. Once youre in a free design creator, decide what kind of message you what to get across to your buyer. You can easily create a bundle discount sign for free in Canva. But I have a question. I am not trying to guilt someone into selling to me. I buy as well as sell, making me a bundle gets you passed over in favor of sellers who dont bug me while i shop. Should I still respond to buyers who request a lower price via comments? As a seller you can add listings to Bundles that your buyer may be interested in. @pkayne11. Isn't that against Postmark policy? The Poshmark Offer Etiquette - A Step-by-Step Guide. Hey Gabriella, This article was super helpful. I appreciate this post soo much! They are super new to Posh and didnt know how it worked. Locate @username's Likes From . However I think this is one of those cases where it is totally reasonable to reach out to them, perhaps comment on the bundle letting them know they can add their other likes if they are interested and you will send an offer, rather than sending offers first so you wont have to deal with canceling it if they end up wanting more or less items. 1. How To Set Up Your Own Poshmark Bundle Discount: Once you are successfully on this page you can choose the: Toggle the button to turn your Poshmark Bundle Discount on (green button) and off (grey button). ie: Seller A has the sweater I want and Seller B has the jeans I want. A group for anything and everything related to Poshmark! If Poshmark won't give me a refund, how do I let other buyers know that the quality of this store's items is not what they represent. A buyer comes to your Poshmark closet, likes two items and adds them both to their bundle. This is a great idea. You are hosting a weekend flash-sale for 50% off? Poshmark Offer Etiquette Chart $1,000 $1,000 Free Shipping Size OS Buy Now Like and save for later Add To Bundle For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. I think closet signs definitely help bring awareness for new users to show bundles can be made for a better price. Find the order that you want to upgrade the shipping label for, and select the Need/New Shipping Label and then click Need Heavier Weight Label and input how the weight of the shipment (in you case the 33 pounds.) Happy to clarify how anything else works! Thank you kindly for saying so that means a ton to me! Sellers, want to offer a Bundle discount on your listings? @warrior04 It could be their way of letting you know they are super interested instead of just liking it. If someone likes a bunch of items I throw them into a bundle and send a really good offer, it definitely has turned into bundle sales. Its up to you, but keep in mind that comments in a listing will continue to remain public. I ended up offering about $5 less than their original offer, and they accepted! Thank you. A bundle sign is essentially a beautiful image *ideally kept at the top of your Poshmark closet* that you can create to visually tell buyers that your closet is ready to sell, and you are willing to negotiate on prices! Making offers through a bundle is best when you want to buy multiple items from the same seller. To get to your Active Offers page, go to the Offers tab on your News page and click the View all active offers link. Category Women Other Color Pink Blue The best advice if you want to become a regular seller online is to take the emotion out of offers. You will notice that below these options it says, Your bundle discount will be automatically applied at checkout to eligible bundle purchases from your listings Closet or Boutique. Id love to help if I can! Learn more about Anyway to discount the shipping price if they accept the offer? Id love to serve as a resource for any other questions or topics on Poshmark you want to learn more details about feel free to ask! Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Its called basic courtesysomething your parents are supposed to start teaching you when youre still in diapers, and not stop until you get the concept. What is the difference between Buy Now and Make An Offer? Hi Kelly, please reach out to for help with a specific case. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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